Attention!Change of working hours next week!

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I heard the holiday was coming, but what did I find when I looked at the calendar?Working 6 days in a row next week?The qingming Festival will be held in 2022, and the holiday will last from Sunday, April 3, to Tuesday, April 5.Tips: The deadline for free time of expressway is 24:00 on April 5th, subject to the time when the vehicle leaves the exit toll lane.Free models according to the State Council on energy transport departments such as big holiday notice from the scheme of small passenger car tolls (guo fa [2012] no. 37), the scope of free passage of vehicles: traffic toll roads under seven (7) passenger vehicles, including allowing in ordinary toll road driving motorcycle.Note: ▶ the 8-seat and 9-seat minibuses are not included in the above regulations;▶ Passenger cars with eight or more seats, trucks and vans are not free.Travel notice: During the holidays, please do not push, do not gather, go out to do a good job of personal protection!Source: Minsheng editor: Hu Fengchen First instance: Wang Lin second instance: Fang Shuang third instance: Zhang Qiang