CCTV5 officially announced live broadcast of the Women’s Asian Cup final, but fans were worried, CCTV live broadcast often overturned

2022-04-18 0 By

Wang Shanshan’s equaliser in extra time and penalty shootout clinched China’s second Asian Women’s Cup final.The Chinese women’s football team fell behind twice in the semifinals, but never gave up their desire to win. Their perseverance in the match inspired every fan.After the match, People’s Daily,, FIFA and other official media sent congratulations.It is embarrassing that CCTV5 did not arrange a live broadcast of such an important match, causing many fans to miss the match, and CCTV has been criticized by fans and media members recently.China’s women’s soccer team will play South Korea for the Asian Cup title at 19:00 GMT on February 6, in a match that has attracted the attention of hundreds of millions of fans.Many fans are expecting CCTV to live broadcast the match in accordance with public opinion.According to media personalities Yuan Ye and Yu Jing, CCTV has decided to broadcast the match live, and other video platforms will also broadcast it for free.However, CCTV’s schedule still hasn’t been updated, which has led many fans to speculate.However, the good news just came, CCTV5 live broadcast of the women’s Asian Cup final is already a sure thing.The official Weibo account of the Chinese Women’s Football Team recently posted a poster announcing the match, which already noted that CCTV5 will broadcast live.I believe fans heard this news, finally can rest assured, CCTV finally made a correct decision.But there are some fans to CCTV5 live broadcast of the women’s Asian cup final show very resist attitude, they believe the CCTV live broadcast of the women’s Asian cup final, mainly is the CCTV criticism, only to returning to live, they are more willing to live the Chinese football game, because the Chinese men’s soccer game ratings are higher.Some fans are even sniffy about CCTV5’s live broadcast of the Women’s Asian Cup, admitting that CCTV’s previous broadcast of the National football team’s matches often turned over, with more wins than losses, and they prefer to watch the matches on other platforms.However for this Asian Cup final, the vast majority of fans or very confident.After all, The Chinese women’s football team has dominated the Korean women’s football team in the past, with a record of 28 wins, 7 draws and 4 losses against the Korean women’s football team.Last year, the Chinese women’s soccer team advanced to the Olympic Games by defeating the South Korean women’s soccer team 4-3 on aggregate with one win and one draw.Still, the South Korean women’s soccer team has made significant progress from last year, having recently knocked out favorite Australia.Therefore, the final between China and South Korea is likely to be a close match, and hopefully China can withstand the pressure to win its ninth Asian Cup title.