Game Info: Microsoft supports Call of Duty on NS, Dying Light 2 stumbles AMD

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1. Fami Pass Sales List: Dying Light 2 is on this week’s (1.31-2.6) sales list, Pokemon Legend: Alzeus led the way with nearly 360,000 sales, over 1.78 million sales in Japan and over 6.5 million worldwide sales, another popular series of Nintendo was born.Survival game Dying Light 2 for PS4 took second place with 24,100 sales, while the unbeatable Mario Party: Superstar held on to third place.Nintendo unveiled more than 30 new games at its Spring Video Conference on Feb. 10.There are new games, confirmed games, and old updates.The most surprising thing is the new excalibur iii announcement. CM shows that the game is quite finished, and the video shows new characters and worldviews that will last for a generation or two.According to Tetsuya Takahashi’s imagination, it’s probably thousands of years from now.The game is expected to launch in September 2022.ASMRASMR is the abbreviation of spontaneous perceptual response, which means to stimulate the brain and body to produce a sense of pleasure through sight, hearing and smell, also known as “intracranial orgasm”, is a good way to heal the body and mind, relieve tension.GF recently released the pokemon ASMR series of “wonderful frog seeds” video, showing the wonderful frog seeds playing in the forest, with white noise and comfortable color matching, very suitable for relaxing, office workers pay attention to wear headphones oh.Gary Bowser, the head of the TX hack team, was sentenced to 19 months in prison and ordered to pay Nintendo $10 million in damages.The U.S. government had recommended a sentence of 60 months.Bowser’s legal team argued that while their client caused huge losses to Nintendo, TX received tens of millions of dollars in benefits.But Bowser himself received only a small amount, about $320,000, and was the only person to be sued.Therefore, the court made the above judgment after weighing the request for a lighter sentence.Dying Light 2 is a big hit right now. It’s sponsored by Nvidia and doesn’t have THE FSR super quality mode for AMD graphics in default mode.Former Ubisoft developer TheHybred wrote on Reddit that “Techland is deliberately making AMD’s FSR technology look bad.”But players tuned the FSR to show a sharper screen than Nvidia’s DLSS, with only slightly fewer frames.Open the video. SCR file in Documents/ Dying Light 2/ Out/Settings to enable AMD FSR super quality mode for PC.Then use the following Settings.Save the file, set it to “Read Only”, and then restart the game.Given the success of Resident Evil 2, players are increasingly looking forward to a remake of Resident Evil 4, the peak of the series.Fanbyte has revealed details of resident Evil 4 Remastered: Creepier, more king IDA plot.According to Fanbyte editor Imran Khan, Capcom doesn’t plan to remake the game frame-by-frame, but to add a lot of new story and scenes to a game known for its action.In particular, the night scene could join Leon in his battle with the Hordes of Infected.Capcom is expected to announce the project in spring 2022.7. Call of Duty coming to Switch?Since the Activision blizzard acquisition, Microsoft executives have repeatedly said that the Call of Duty series will continue to be released across platforms.”Activision Blizzard’s Call of Duty franchise will continue to run on SONY’s PLAYSTATION,” Brad Smith, the company’s president and chief legal officer, told CNBC in an interview. “I hope it will continue to run on Nintendo devices and bring more games to playstation and Nintendo devices.”The trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge has been released.In the nine-minute video, we can see that the game uses a pseudo-3D scene and supports up to four players fighting on the screen.In addition to the brothers, the ninja Turtles also revealed the battle scenes of Master Spring, who uses a cane to fight, jumps well, and uses whirlwind feet and X-claw to kill, a bit like Wolverine. Spring is a ninjutsu master who instructs the Ninja Turtles along the way.The game will be available on all platforms this year.The Commonwealth Games, held every four years since 1930, will be held in Birmingham, UK.This year’s commonwealth games will include esports, and it is understood that DOTA2 will be one of the three sports, with the other two to be announced later.Esports is a pilot project with its own MEDALS and progression, and the CEO of the games told the BBC he was open to esports.That’s all for today, thanks for reading.