“Good life to see Xinyang” “1335” opened a new bureau good life to see Xinyang

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Xinyang Municipal Committee of the sixth session of the second plenary session to determine the “1335” work layout.Liu Hongbing/Xinyang A better tomorrow.The mountains are different, the water is good for huai, people all believe, rising yue Yang.Shanshui Xinyang, the capital of splendid tea, is known as “Jiangnan in the North, Jiangnan in the North”. The superior ecological environment, gorgeous natural scenery, unique resource endowment, profound cultural heritage and convenient transportation network make xinyang the base of “better life depends on Xinyang”.On January 20, the second plenary session of the sixth Session of xinyang Municipal Committee and the Economic Work Conference of xinyang Municipal Committee clearly proposed:Remember leaders entrust, focusing on “two better,” anchor “two guarantees” and to the strategy of “top ten”, the implementation of “1335” layout, speed up the construction of “two better” demonstration area, the destination of a better life, struggle to compose the brilliant new chapter of the “good life” xinyang, greet the 20 big victory party congress with honors.”The meeting sounded the ‘better life to see Xinyang’ forge ahead horn, encourage the city’s unity, take advantage of the momentum, forge ahead, beyond the leap, strive to achieve this year’s economic work off to a good start, red throughout the year.”Xinyang Party secretary CAI Songtao firmly said.1 “1335” zha layout meeting pointed out that the provincial party committee clearly put forward “two to ensure” “ten strategies”, combined with xinyang reality, do a good job of implementation, the key is to implement “1335” layout: build a brand, that is:Shape the “good life to see Xinyang” brand, to create “two better” demonstration area, better life destination, with dynamic, for the poor areas after comprehensive poverty alleviation, take the road of high-quality development to make Xinyang exploration.Make clear the three major positioning, namely: “Hubei-Yuan-Anhui inter-provincial regional central city”, build regional economic center, regional cultural center, regional hub center;”Dabie Mountain (Southern Henan) Efficient Ecological Economy Demonstration Zone”, to achieve the ecological optimization of Dabie Mountain region, to create the “two Mountains” theory of ecological value conversion, to create the national green financial reform and innovation pilot zone;The Yangtze River Delta Industrial Collaborative Innovation Zone aims to achieve transportation connectivity, industrial connection, innovation integration and factor coordination.Achieve three breakthroughs, namely: deepen reform and innovation drive, in the ideological breakthrough.We will implement systematic thinking, deepen soE reform, tackle the “four reforms”, and create a first-class innovation ecosystem.To enhance the three services and make breakthroughs in the business environment.Speed up government affairs, facilitate the people to improve efficiency, benefit enterprises to improve quality.Strengthen party building to lead, break through on grass-roots basis.We will improve the governance system and enhance governance capacity in accordance with the overall framework of “Party building, digital empowerment, and coordination.”We should focus on the following five aspects: developing green energy industry, expanding equipment manufacturing industry, cultivating green construction industry, strengthening electronic information industry, optimizing green food industry, expanding fashion textile industry, cultivating biological medicine industry, and doing all we can to attract investment;Focus on building a garden city, develop the belt and Three districts, build a landscape city, promote urban organic renewal, carry out community construction in the future, build a resilient city, and build a youth-friendly city.Focus on rural revitalization, “ten hundred million” to lead the demonstration of rural revitalization, “three pieces of land” reform to activate factor resources, “colorful garden” to upgrade and strengthen the agricultural industry, the creation of special brands to revitalize the “two tea and one dish”, cultivate “food xinyang, authentic ingredients” public brand;We will strive to make tourism, culture and innovation outstanding, build a modern three-dimensional transportation system to “ensure fast progress”, create a new form of cultural tourism to “enjoy slow travel”, promote the integration of culture, tourism, culture and innovation to “deepen experience”, create a global tourism brand to “show characteristics”, carry out civilized construction to “improve quality”, and build a good regional consumer center.Focus on the quality of life, basic education to establish xinyang brand, employment and entrepreneurship to consolidate the people’s livelihood, medical and health care to improve health and well-being, cultural and sports facilities to enrich spiritual needs, to build quality pension industry highland.”The people’s aspiration for a better life is our goal.”Xinyang vice secretary of municipal party committee, deputy mayor Chen said, “1335” layout distinct themes, rich connotation, the thought is profound, “good life” xinyang is ready to the concrete practice of the “two better” xinyang answer, also accelerate the revitalization of the old liberated areas, accelerating the inner need of the rise of green, is the guide of xinyang a period in the present and the future.As the saying goes, human fireworks, the most touching people.In the vision of “A better life in Xinyang” described at the conference, these goals and tasks are eye-catching and touching: the rise of industrial green.Xinyang will adhere to the future human settlement in the technology industry as the main line, to plan as a whole to promote the traditional industry upgrade, emerging industry development, the future industry overall planning, and unswervingly promote the industry for three years to double action plan to activate the stock, expanding increment, optimization of constants, pays special attention to the variable, national residential high science and technology innovation in the future.We will expand and strengthen equipment manufacturing, electronic information, green food, fashion and textiles, and build industrial clusters worth 400 billion yuan.We will foster and develop green energy, build two 50-billion-level industrial clusters, and strive to achieve the goal of 10 billion yuan in the biomedical industry in three years.Build garden cities.Adhere to the central city leading, promote the integration of Xinluo city and Huang Guang, support Gushi to build a new city center at the junction of Henan and Anhui, the joint development of all counties and districts.Make shihe river landscape belt, science and technology innovation new city, high-speed railway CBD, vocational education new city;Accelerate the construction of urban ecological green network, urban water network and transportation backbone network, and integrate the three networks into a landscape city.We will coordinate the organic renewal of central urban areas and the construction of resettlement areas, carry out continuous improvement of urban living environment, promote the demolition of walls and transparent greening, and build living circles, fitness circles and reading circles together;Promote green prefabricated buildings, photovoltaic buildings, forest buildings, ultra-low energy consumption buildings, actively introduce green home decoration, ecological home furnishing, smart home furnishing and other industries, accelerate the construction of the core area of Yangshan Future Human Settlements Scientific City;We will implement the “Beautiful Apartment” plan, build “vibrant blocks”, build fashionable business areas, create bars and business demonstration streets that are suitable for travel and business, develop fine routes for city night trips and restaurants, and launch more places for Internet celebrities to check in.Carry the banner of rural revitalization.We will build 10 demonstration areas for rural revitalization at the county level, 100 demonstration villages and 1,000 ecologically livable villages every year, and build complexes for better rural lives.Focusing on tea, oil tea, weak gluten wheat, high-quality rice, aquatic products, and Traditional Chinese medicine, we will coordinate the development of “one industry, one cluster”, “one county, one garden”, and “one town, one product” to achieve in-depth integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries.We will vigorously develop facilities agriculture, leisure agriculture, shared agriculture, and high-tech agricultural parks in suburban towns and townships, so that “urban farmers” will have a plot of land and a model of “future agriculture”.According to the construction of urban business card standard maojian tea town, its international tea market, management “xinyang tea culture festival” IP, do big “letter yangshan tea oil”, further promotion of health preservation of xinyang cuisine, accelerating the industrialization of xinyang food chaining operation, create food city landmarks, cultivating “food was” xinyang, authentic ingredients public brand, big market power xinyang ingredients into big cities.Travel cultural creation is brilliant.Through the combination with the construction of modern comprehensive transportation system, to achieve “fast forward slow travel deep experience”.We will integrate transportation and tourism, promote the construction of infrastructure such as scenic roads, ecological corridors and leisure trails, plan and build themed highways integrating tourism and leisure, link tourist attractions into chains, and carry out the demonstration project of “Dabie’s original hometown, staying in Xinyang” with 100 theme home stay facilities.We will dig into traditional culture and red resources, build a spiritual and cultural tourism belt in The Dabie Mountains and a memorial park for the 25th Red Army in the Long March National Cultural Park, create a nationally renowned area for the inheritance of red culture, and launch the establishment of a national demonstration city for research and travel.Accelerate the improvement of “food, accommodation, travel, entertainment and shopping” chain, continue to promote jigong Mountain, hubei, Anhui and Jiangsu provincial capital to create national 5A tourism scenic spots, actively promote the quality development of tangquan Pool, Huangbai Mountain, West Jiuhua and other characteristic tourist attractions, support mall to create a national all-region tourism demonstration area.Lead quality life.Focusing on “one old person, one young person, one young person”, giving full play to regional advantages in education, employment, medical care, culture, pension and other resources, the quality of life to consolidate the foundation for a better life.To ensure the high-quality and inclusive development of preschool education and balanced development of compulsory education, support the establishment of Xingao Education Group, Pingqiao Education Group and Sima Guang Education Group;To promote the construction of “Everyone with certificates and skills in Henan” with high standards, vigorously promote the recruitment of talents and talents, attracting more than 10,000 college graduates to work and start businesses in Xinyang every year;Provincial medical centers and major epidemic treatment bases will be established.A number of sports parks, science and technology parks and youth activity centers will be built, renovated and expanded, and a systematic project of “learning and xinyang” will be implemented.Around the “two lakes and one mountain” area, a number of medical and health care service industrial parks and health tourism bases have been built.3. How to guarantee a colorful life?The meeting pointed out that to ensure the implementation and effectiveness of the “1335” work plan, we must adhere to party building to lead community-level governance, explore practical ways to strengthen the modernization of community-level governance system and governance capacity, and promote coordination at the four levels of city, county, township and village, and ensure that all levels are fully implemented.Therefore, Xinyang adheres to the strategic guidance planning layout “a map”, focusing on solving “what to do”;The optimal allocation of resource factors is “one account”, focusing on “how to do”;The secretary of personnel to concentrate on “chess”, focusing on the solution of “who will do”;Party building leads the coordinated governance of “one network”, focusing on solving “how to ensure”, so as to better coordinate resources, integrate forces, and form synergy.On the basis of upholding the overall interests of the CPC leadership core and the role of the government in scientific planning and implementation, five headquarters have been set up to strengthen the city through industry, urban development, rural revitalization, transportation, tourism, cultural innovation, and quality life, and three leading groups have been set up to guide social governance through Party construction, promote civilization, and optimize the business environment.Strengthen the investment promotion center to attract investment and establish the project promotion center;We have set up committees for supervision, assessment, rewards and punishment, promoted the practice of combining evaluation, evaluation, and evaluation, and implemented a two-way change of posts at the county and township levels. We have carried out an intensive campaign of “striving for excellence, striving for excellence, and striving for excellence.” We have set up a personnel orientation of “selecting and educating personnel from the front line,” so that those who are responsible will take responsibility, be responsible, and support those who are doing their jobs.Promote responsibility to shoulder, reshape the organizational structure, optimize the county, strengthen the township (street), strengthen the village (community) grid, do free linkage command, and form a horizontal linkage, vertical linkage, online and offline collaborative promotion operation mode.At the same time, we will follow up on the exercise of administrative power, delegate to lower levels the power of administrative law enforcement and government services, and lighten the burden on the community level.We have implemented the policy of “ensuring the protection of local governments by local governments”, optimized the management system of townships (and subdistricts), sorted out the list of coordinated matters between counties and townships, and formed a governance pattern at the grassroots level in which cities have overall planning, counties and townships have integrated, and local governments have ensured the protection of local governments by local governments.Pays special attention to the “reduced county township” increasing, and constantly improve the villages and towns (street) to plan as a whole, digital management ability, cadre management, activate grassroots party organizations, “branch league branch” and “red flag village (community)” selection of the party organization, “SanLing” unit, create, create and five civilization basic old-age, practical and improving the capacity of grassroots governance.”Only by looking far can you see the world is wide. Only by doing things can you break the waves.”Cai Songtao said, the whole city only remember leaders entrust, insist in raising benchmark rushed to carry and create a new agency in the elevated pressure, to speed up the construction of “two better” demonstration area, the destination of a better life, struggle to compose a new chapter, “the good life to see xinyang” greet the 20 big victory party congress with honors.Source: Henan Daily