In January, the air quality of each county in the province came out of xiaoyi city ranked at the bottom

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Yellow River News (Reporter Hou Jingang) On February 25, The Department of Ecology and Environment of Shanxi Province released the notification of the ambient air quality of counties (cities and districts) in January 2022.In January 2022, the ambient air quality of 119 counties (districts and cities) of the province (including Yangquan Development Zone and Yuncheng Economic and Technological Development Zone) is as follows: The top 10 counties (cities and districts) of ambient air quality (comprehensive index from small to large) are as follows:Yanggao County of Datong, Tianzhen County of Datong and Pingshun County of Changzhi (tied for 2nd), Loufan County of Taiyuan, Pucounty of Linfen, Wuzhai County of Xinzhou, Xi County of Linfen, Daning County of Linfen, Gujiao County of Taiyuan and Shenchi County of Xinzhou.Environment air quality ranks after 10 counties (city, area) (composite index from big to small) followed by: (xiaoyi city luliang city of pingyao county, jinzhong city, luliang city, city, county, luliang city travels city, wenshui county, luliang city high TaiGu jiexiu city, jinzhong city, jinzhong city lingshi county, jinzhong city, qixian yuncheng jishan county.The top 10 counties (cities and districts) in terms of air quality improvement (year-on-year improvement of the composite index from large to small) are as follows:County, datong city, liulin, luliang luliang city Dan floor xuankongshi, LAN county, luliang luliang city city Lin County, xingxian luliang city fangshan county, luliang city, datong yungang area, zhongyang county, luliang city yuncheng ‘air quality improvement in wenxi county after county (city, area) of 10 (composite index has improved from small to large year-on-year) in the order:Jiaokou County of Luliang City, Yuci District of Jinzhong City, Fenxi County of Linfen City, Zuoquan County of Jinzhong City, Jiexiu City of Jinzhong City, Fenyang City of Luliang City, Shangtang District of Changzhi City and Ningwu County of Xinzhou City (parallel inverted 8), Taigu District of Jinzhong City, Jinyuan District of Taiyuan City.