Li Shangyin: Leave withered lotus listen to the rain

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Every story starts with later, start is a very beautiful flowers can bloom in jiangnan, the grass sprout out of the earth is willow grows in March, and then, later, but is a cold rain and wet a hot heart, that no one place, it is our Shan however nowhere to put melancholy, and under what we don’t want to admit it beyond recognition.The world knows that life will withstand the quenching of the bath fire, just ushered in a clear situation;All things attached to the light regret, memory up to have aftertaste in the future;Take a few more detours, to see the very scene.People or things that go too well lose their charming qualities.However, in such a big world, who would have expected to have been walking on the graceful road, exposed to wind and hardships, suffering from human suffering?People just like to stay outside and watch the fire, and the more the fire flourishes, the more they enjoy it.When the flames come upon him, it usually takes a different turn.Other people’s painful experience is often the conversation after dinner, and their own ups and downs of the journey and deep obsession, only you can taste the sour taste with wine and dishes.In the era of Li Shangyin, talent and power were the most magnificent melody that ordinary scholars could play. Although he was already the shogunate inspector of the Tianping Army and had bright visions of the future, he had not yet acquired the full moon, which was the most exciting round surrounded by the stars.If you want to enter the official career, holding the glory of a hundred years of wife shade son, you must participate in the imperial examination.Reading, imperial examination, official, this is the idea of infiltration into the ancient blood, is the heart of the knot.Although the imperial examination has been a solemn and stirring event since ancient times, there are still scholars like moths fighting the fire, one after another.Since Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty inherited and developed the imperial examination system of the Sui Dynasty, it paved the way for students from the humble families of the world to rise to the top, but also set a trap for scholars to drain their lifetime efforts. It is no wonder that the poet Zhao Gu of the Tang Dynasty once said, “Emperor Taizong really made a long plan to earn all the heroes gray heads.”I don’t know whether it’s heartfelt praise or helpless sarcasm.The official road to infinite glory is like a helpless bridge, countless people crowded on, similar line.Li Shangyin is not unfamiliar with the old tradition of wearing a blue sweater in his old age, but he is not worried at this time.The imperial examination was like a red fruit hanging on the treetops not far away. He only needed to walk calmly and stand on tiptoe to take it into his pocket.Gifted talent, accumulated knowledge, time and place have, coupled with the teacher’s advice, and also worthy of the name, this war without smoke of gunpowder, seems likely to win.Therefore, in the fifth year of Taihe (831 AD), under the assistance of Linghu Chu, Li Shangyin set out to take the imperial examination.Starting from Luoyang, he looked forward all the way, and the scenery he passed gradually blurred into indistinct marks behind him, like a inkstone of light ink dizzy by water. He had no time to turn back, but only looked forward, full of eager anticipation, arriving in Chang ‘an and taking the exam.Li Shangyin broke into the cultural center of the Tang Empire, and was confronted with a particularly bright future.Civil officials could hold great power in the central court, providing advice to the king and serving as local governors for the benefit of the people.The original desire for power and wealth, the family dream of glory and the spiritual appeal of being famous in history all seem to come true easily in an instant.It’s like I’m already in high school.Since ancient times, how many people who set foot on the road of the imperial examination did not think that they had the talent to surprise the world and would surely make a surprise in the temple?But it turned out to be mostly wishful thinking.Li Shangyin smug into the examination room, will talent into words, incisively and vividly splashed ink on the poem roll paper.Out of the examination room, grand, beautiful, bustling Chang ‘an again rushed into sight.Confident as he, this thought that the opening of the list of the day, will certainly be once and for all, gold list title.However, he did not pick the fruits from the branches, but left them lying on the ground at his feet.Before the eagerly look forward to, eventually ended up in a basket of water, a mirror.Is Li Shangyin no talent?No.I am afraid he is not lost in no talent, but in the eyes of others “no virtue”.According to the custom of imperial examination selection in tang Dynasty, not only talent, but also pay attention to the worldly wisdom, that is, the selection of papers recommended.Before the examination, scholars always want to pick out their daily proud work, by virtue of their own personal connections, or to the ceremony department, or cast to the official for the recommendation, in order to win the good impression of the examiner.The so-called close water tower first month, even if you can not guarantee that the inevitable success, at least will not lose money.But it happened that in the Tang Dynasty, when everyone loved peony, Li Shangyin had to do a lotus that washed qinglian but was not evil, not publicity, not flattering, not yeyan.Therefore, his name was omitted from the golden list in the imperial examinations for five consecutive years.”For five years, I did not write anything, and paid attention to others for knowledge.”There is anger in this, more is helpless.Sheaths fragrant buds out of the forest, in the ling price expensive as gold.Imperial capital land and sea should be countless, endure to cut lingyun one inch heart!– Li Shangyin “the beginning of bamboo shoots is in the seat” Linghu Chu has opened a door for him, as long as he put down his figure, bent over to the examiner presented a few small poems can soar.But stubborn scholar temperament, has always been proud and lofty, for the five dozen meters of things in any case also can not do.Therefore, he was riding on the blue clouds, but suddenly encountered the wind and rain, suddenly changed the direction, which has all the bitterness and sorrow, can only be swallowed, swallow the bitter fruit.Just like the tender and fragrant bamboo shoots, full of vitality, just a spring rain, can grow into towering bamboo in the deep valley.However, because it is fresh and delicious, many people eat it, so it can only be presented at the price of gold to the feast, as food on the plate, in order to please the stomachs of diners.At this point, Li shangyin’s tone has been slightly quivering, but it is still carefully hidden.However, when he from the tender bamboo shoots to their own, this covered up the sadness of the circle ripple out, inch long bamboo shoots were cut off by the world, their dreams were also banished by the examiner, the high-flying opportunity was so in the hustle and shove, suffered the fate of ridicule.At this time is in the prime of youth Li Shangyin, not lest others say that he is shallow, he had to put on the mask of sadness, “fu new words strong sorrow”.Melancholy seemed to him to be in his nature, and though it had no real weight, it was a heaviness that could not be relieved.When he entered the examination room with the expectation of winning a gold medal, he did not think that he would fail again and again.Thus, the feeling of being abandoned becomes a solid poignancy on the paper.But it is precisely because no one can predict the future, there will be so many surprises and losses in life, it will show a more magnificent tone between the changes of shade and sunshine.Li Shangyin, like a begonia in the rain, is suffering from red debris.Just at this time, Linghu Chu received the office of the right officer and the official of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Li Shangyin did not follow his teacher to Chang ‘an, but returned to luoyang.Even after the rain begonia green fat red thin, is still natural and unrestrained flowers, fragrance still.Even after the imperial examination, Li Shangyin was still poetic and romantic.As a result, he was able to stand out from the crowd and caught the eye of xiao Huan, the new local governor. With The help of Yan Yu and the introduction of Xiao Huan, he got acquainted with Cui Rong, the defense envoy of Tongguan and the governor of Hua State, and was appointed as the secretary of the shogunate.As luck would have it, Cui Rong was his distant cousin.Xiao Huan’s recommendation, Li Shangyin’s talent, the friendship between blood ties, let his desolate heart temporarily had a port to anchor.Whether it is Linghu Chu or Cui Rong, are at the right moment, for him to bring the winter charcoal fire, summer breeze.He thought that half broken dream, and grafting time, but this is just another cruel trick of fate.In 834 AD, Cui Rong moved to Yanhai to observe history. Li Shangyin, a brilliant scholar, followed him.Little do they know, seemingly beautiful weather, I do not know why strong wind and rain will come.Just a month after taking office, Cui Rong died of illness due to overwork and acculturation.Lost the lighthouse on the other side, Li Shangyin became a boat in the sea, shaking and jolting, precarious.Originally, things are fickle, who are not who’s redemption.The canglang river of life, after all, to cross a person.Cui Rong died, Li Shangyin’s life is still continuing, so he has to go to the endless night, undertake that gorgeous adventure.Bamboo dock dust-free water sill clear, acacia at pass heavy city.Autumn overcast not scattered frost fly late, left to dry lotus listen to the rain.Someone once said, calm, mellow, philosophical, is the attitude of a man should have, but this is not the quality of art.The art of true vibration is always associated with the pain and the ups and downs of the human soul, with deep obsession.Like Li Shangyin made this poem, silent, bleak, cold, cool thin, each is a scene, but the word and word gap, but closed with unable to let go of not feeling.Even Lin Daiyu, who was playing proud and unsocial, would say one sentence when she read Li Shangyin’s poem: “I dislike Li Yishan’s poem most, but I only like his one sentence: ‘Leave the lotus to listen to the rain.'” This “residual lotus” wrote Lin Daiyu’s temperament, but also explained Li Shangyin’s life regret.After Cui Rong died, Li shangyin took the annual jinshi examination, but he was still an ant in the imperial examination, trampled by life.Carrying a suit of wind and frost, he by chang ‘an return home on the way, stop stay luo shi pavilion, the past will follow the rich deep autumn faint hit.Rather than touch the dusty memories, look at the scene.Therefore, In cui Rong shogunate those warm and soft days, Li Shangyin did not mention.He just used the light ink that was finely ground, and laid the pavilion built by the water on the paper.When I started writing, I found the “bamboo dock” clear and elegant, and the “water sill” clear and clear. Reading so far, I could only feel that it was a good place to go.But this is just a kind of emotional momentum, the placidity of the external object, is a foil to the heart of the storm.A “lovesickness”, is irrefutable evidence.Like Cui Yong Cui Yan, Cui Rong died, Li Shangyin became a broken kite, in the swaying tilt and fall.Take the mood to view the scenery, mountains, rivers and earth are dyed the color of the soul.The dust-free pavilion and the clear water are all caused by no one’s attention. The bleak autumn, the rich clouds and the vast cold frost are all in harmony with the soul.More surprising heart is that a pool of dry lotus, the drops of weeping rain.At this time Li Shangyin did not repair to go to the water poor place, sit to see the clouds when the ability, this even in the air are filled with bleak taste of the evening, only let him feel his body like flying catfish life like broken peng.One wrong move on the chessboard, or the whole game is lost, or get out of the way to kill a new world.Life is the same, Li Shangyin could have reached out his hand to red fame and fortune into his arms, but a strange coincidence, there is always someone mercilessly removed his foot ladder, so he will inevitably fall into the abyss of fate.His political career had reached a dead end, but poetry blossomed its most beautiful flowers in the extremis.Walking on the way, every casual moment, is the clue of fate;Any tiny details, is the turning point of life.Unable to penetrate the mystery, also cannot rewrite the outcome, born at the end of the li Shangyin, only to the pen as a guide, continue on the road, do not ask ahead is rain is sunny, regardless of the heart of pleasure or pain.