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“Spring Buying season”, “even the market does not close”, “Hu Li open”…This year’s Spring Festival housing enterprises sales office wonderful.According to incomplete statistics, more than 90% of sales offices in Beijing will not close during the Spring Festival.Of course, in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control regulations, you must use the health scan code to register when entering the door. In order to avoid the impact of the epidemic, some projects have launched special Spring Festival services, such as video subscription signing and one-to-one door-to-door services.In the past, the Spring Festival is the off-season of the property market, but in the past two years, under the call of “local Spring Festival”, the Spring Festival has unexpectedly become the marketing node of the house purchase, the Spring Festival of 2021 in Beijing, many real estate more popular than in previous years.And in 2022 Spring Festival, housing enterprises will not miss the opportunity to attract fans.Beijing News reporters learned that this Spring Festival, China Overseas, Jin MAO, Country Garden, Longfor, China Resources, Sunac, Hopson, R&F and other mainstream real estate companies, in North China and Beijing area sales offices are open.Overall, China Shipping Beijing 10 plate actively participated in this year’s Spring Festival activities;Longhu 5 city 13 plates to five gifts for promotion;China Resources Land North China 6 cities of multiple real estate linkage;Online and offline linkage of 5 cities and 7 disks in Hopson North China Region;Peacock Villas organizes special price and other preferential activities for 23 real estate projects nationwide.Sunac’s eight projects in Beijing have also opened their doors to buyers.In terms of preferential promotion, “the total price of one hundred and twenty thousand yuan” is not uncommon in various projects, more some developers launched “special room” “limited time one price”, some special housing as low as 7.4 discount, 8.5 discount, of course, so low discount housing is often limited in number.At the same time, almost all sales offices have prepared New Year gifts for visitors, but the number is limited on a first-come-first-served basis.In the sales office, the market and The Chinese New Year festival are also out on the street, where there is food, drink, fun and maybe a prize drawing, including but not limited to air fryers, breakfast machines, vacuum cleaners, humidifiers and so on.Colorful warm-up activities, even if not for sale, will help attract customers to the project.In the past two years, under the call of “Local Chinese New Year”, the Spring Festival has become a new marketing node for housing enterprises.File photo China Shipping Real estate Beijing part of the project launched “one price” housing this Spring Festival, China Shipping Beijing 10 dishes launched the city to welcome the Spring Festival preferential activities.Zhonghai No. 3 hospital, Zhonghai Beijing No. 3 hospital are limited time special 1%, transaction gift;Zhonghai Yunxi and Zhonghai Yunxi are also launching a point of discount.At the same time, the first to pick up light in the launch of a price preferential housing sources, the transaction is the opportunity to extract home appliances prizes;Zhonghai World world in the launch of “one price” preferential housing sources at the same time, for the owner to recommend a new customer transaction, the owner can get 5 years of property fees, new customer total housing funds can be reduced 2888 yuan (excluding preferential housing sources).In contrast, Jinyue and Yuyue launched a time-limited “one-price” listing of 89 square meters of three-bedroom time-limited “one-price” 2.34 million yuan;China Sea Lichun Lake villa also launched “one price” special room source, 260 square meters of a total price of 9.59 million yuan (limited to one set).In addition, the temporary reception center of China Overseas Delhi Project located at Yongfeng Technology Innovation Core in Haidian has been opened to welcome guests.Zhonghai world times is selling limited number of second phase property rights parking space.Jinmao North China multi-plate “play” activities overlay price concessions Jinmao North China City project sales office colorful Spring Festival activities, equivalent to a “play” map, of course, also a lot of house purchases.In Beijing, Jinmao Beijing International Community launched the “Beijing Youth Ashore Program” and reduced the number of preferential houses available for the Spring Festival by 20,000 yuan within a limited time.Xishan Jinmao mansion fully upgraded Jinlin Wake-up plan, all 9.9 discount house subscription discount, old owners with friends visiting can enjoy 1,000 yuan parking coupon, recommended transaction can enjoy 30,000 yuan parking coupon;East Jinmao house 1 quality housing per day on a first come, first served basis.In addition to Beijing, Jinmao launched the “Six Plates he Chun” in Qingdao, and the “three prefectures linkage” in Zhengzhou.Country Garden Beijing launches “One Ticket is worth ten thousand Gold” campaign during the Spring Festival in Beijing area, home buyers with home ticket to the project site to enjoy exclusive purchase discount, and win New Year gifts.These projects include country Garden Capital, Country Garden Jingjing, Country Garden Longxitai, Country Garden Guoyu Mansion, Baoding Qingyuan New Town project.In addition, country Garden in Beijing area of each project to start watching activities, Yanqing Country Garden Jingyuan Book, Country Garden shanghe courtyard, Wuqing Country Garden Yunhe upper courtyard transaction owners, intended customers under certain conditions have watching benefits.China Resources Land North China has launched the “Family Life · Wonderful New Year plan 2022”.During the Spring Festival holiday, the project marketing centers of China Resources Land in six major cities in North China can feel the full flavor of the New Year. Among them, Beijing, Tangshan and Langfang are linked together to create a “Beijing” colorful family Time. In addition to the special benefits of buying houses during the Spring Festival, there are also activities such as Spring Festival shopping.At the same time, China resources land of tianjin company “small embellish choose room” purchase channel is in full open 24 hours, at the same time introduced tianjin, hainan 6 disc “online” New Year, including price, housing, New Year gift box, practical household appliances more island new ritual, including hainan free round trip ticket, Hilton hotels, sailing out to sea.Longhu 13 open plate joint promotions this year Spring Festival, longhu launched “longhu 5 city 13 plate five day spring” promotions, covers Beijing, shijiazhuang, tangshan, gaobeidian, taiyuan five cities, including xian yue Chen zhao yue lake, city, and a comprehensive, train the new town, beichen LAN jian, such as the mirror, cloud river ten projects.At the same time, Longfor launched its Spring Festival series at Beijing’s six main sky streets.Visit temple fairs, flowers and beads, and play with national tides to make this Spring Festival more joyful and fashionable.In addition, Guanyu, the long-term rental apartment brand of Longhu, launched the “Spring Festival welfare gift package”, including 7 days free rent for 6 months within the specified date, 15 days free rent for 12 months, etc. At the same time, “old with new” and “new with new” can get the Spring Festival “Longzhu”, and enterprise frame tenants can enjoy a discount of 9.8 percent.Hopson North China launched a maximum of 9.6% discount hopson North China launched a variety of activities in 7 real estate sales offices in 5 cities in North China, and opened the online and offline marketing mode, including a maximum of 9.6% discount for New Year purchases, local New Year purchases can enjoy a reduction of 10,000 yuan, etc.Spring buyers also enjoy VIP-exclusive services, such as video subscription, signing up and one-on-one door-to-door visits.In addition, hopson North China area owners can also get a maximum of 60,000 parking space vouchers, “old with new” “new with new” and other transactions to enjoy the maximum transaction amount of 2% commission reward;There is also a group purchase policy for a group of 10 people, with a maximum reduction of 50,000 yuan.It is reported that on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, the Exhibition will also present high-quality housing through live streaming and send red envelopes.During the Spring Festival this year, R&F Beijing company launched a new wave of New Year’s property activities, involving projects including R&F · Mountain, R&F · Golden Jubilee, R&F · Golden Jubilee Pudi and Xianghe · Fuli New Town.Different projects have different discounts, which launched as low as 7.4 discount New Year special room.However, the number of preferential housing is limited, for example, Xianghe fuli New Town juhui limited to 10 units;R&f · Mount AD and R&F · Golden Jubilee are limited to 5 units each;Fuli Shoukai · Jinxi Pudi is a special price house 5 sets, 3 sets of folding.It is worth mentioning that in addition to discounts, there is a one-stop package for eating and drinking.During the Spring Festival, Peacock Villas organized the linkage of 23 real estate complexes across the country, divided into ten regional conferences, and launched preferential activities such as special housing resources and gifts.Among them, 3 real estate in the south of Beijing branch can enjoy multiple discounts, such as subscription of a house up to 20,000 yuan less, signing the first phase of 10% less, one-time 15% off the house, etc..In Nanjing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Wuhan is the launch of limited time special housing.In addition, Peacock Villas also organizes online and offline interactions, holding offline gatherings such as Spring Festival garden fair and Spring Festival temple fair, and online activities such as voting, lottery, live broadcast and family photo shooting.In real estate, Osen Chunxiao Spring Festival “warm field” constantly in real estate operation of The Osen Chunxiao marketing center from the first day to the sixth day every day warm field activities, including ancient style pot to win red envelopes, rings, personality portrait cartoon, cotton candy DIY;Visit the marketing center will be able to receive exquisite gifts, subscription successful customers can participate in the golden eggs to win the rich New Year goods.At the same time, Orson Chunxiao’s preferential activities also include, from February 1 to February 20, subscription within 7 days of signing, 96 square meters, 115 square meters, 131 square meters of the house can be worth 5,000 yuan + a gift;Meanwhile, the signing will be completed within 7 days of subscription, and the total price of all residential houses will be reduced by 10,000 yuan based on the registered sales control price.Beijing News reporter Yuan Xiuli xu Qianrao Shu Wei editor Yang Juanjuan proofread Chen Diyan