State Grid Xinzhou District Power Supply Company, Shangrao, Jiangxi province: The Human Resources Department organized the post ability certification examination

2022-04-18 0 By

In order to strengthen the team construction and select excellent talents, xinzhou District power supply company to carry out a three-day power supply staff post ability certification examination.Led by the human Resources Department, 121 people from all majors of the power supply institute signed up for the exam.The company set up the power supply staff post ability certification implementation leading group to be responsible for this exam, the whole certification entrusted to a third party human resources company responsible for the principle of fairness and justice, the whole examination process camera.The certification level is primary, and the certification method is practical operation ability evaluation and defense.In the afternoon of February 13, the company’s human resources department organized the personnel involved in the certification for pre-certification training.Three teachers were invited to teach according to different majors, and all power supply staff actively participated in the training.After the training, the human resources department of the company will carry out post ability certification examinations for the power supply office window staff, customer managers and operation and maintenance personnel.Practical operation site, they strict inspection, diagnosis and investigation at one go;At the scene of the defense, they were calm in the face of the problem, and their excellent performance was unanimously recognized by the examiners.Through this examination, fully tested the examination personnel to master the degree of professional knowledge, further enhance the job awareness of the whole staff, promote the initiative of the staff to learn, but also promote the improvement of the business level of the staff of the power supply station, provide a strong guarantee for the sustainable and stable development of the power supply station.(Yu Juan and Yu Fengjiao)