The American figure skating group is being sued, and the musicians are accusing them of copyright infringement

2022-04-18 0 By

Us figure skater duo Alexa Nyriem and Brandon Fraser are being sued by music group Heavy Young Heathens for allegedly using their song as the soundtrack for their performance at the Beijing Winter Olympics without permission, USA Today reported Thursday.USA Figure Skating and NBC are also reportedly named as defendants, according to the complaint.American figure skating short program Alexa Nyrim/Brendan Fraser reports that the music group Heavy Young Heathens consists of brothers Robert and Aaron Madosian,The song in question is a variation of his traditional American ballad “House of the Rising Sun.”According to court documents, the song is a “very valuable licensed asset” for the Madosians, who are featured in film and TELEVISION commercials and hope to recover any financial losses.Alexa Nyrim/Brendan Fraser’s short performance of the song helped the United States win a silver medal in the team figure skating competition, the report said.Source: Huanqiu Process editor: TF065