The couple finally got an official divorce?

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This article for ultra high can chase drama club original, prohibit any form of reprint, reprint please contact the background, but welcome you forward to circle of friends.Today is Valentine’s Day, but Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian have officially divorced.At the beginning, Wu Qian studio issued a statement saying that Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian had peacefully ended their marriage and officially announced their divorce.Wu then posted a picture of herself with the little girl on her Micro blog, with the caption: “Valentine’s Day for single girls.”The little girl was also guessed to be wu Qian and Zhang Yujian’s daughter.In the end, Zhang Yujian also posted on weibo: “I’m grateful for the beautiful encounter, the long road ahead, we are still the parents of our child and the closest friends of each other.And directly ait wu Qian.Surprisingly, the showbiz couple, who never officially married, now officially divorce.It may surprise a lot of people who don’t like melons, but they were married?In fact, the two have been rumored to be dating for a long time, as they first met in early 2017 on a show funded by the company.At that time Wu Qian is the heroine, Zhang Yujian is the male number two, in this play two people have a lot of counterplay.Although it is male two, but Zhang Yujian in the tidbits and a female Wu Qian special spark, also circle a wave of CP powder.During the cooperation, the two have been met for dinner and dates.After shooting costume drama, they also non-stop into the group of pure love drama “I Only Like you”, formally played the double arrow couple, sweet from beginning to end, even the tittles are full of love.Later, two people also in a couple of posture together to shoot a magazine, see shooting trivials, the sour smell of love can not stop.Not only CP fans, but also a growing number of Internet users began to speculate that they were in a real relationship.Outside of work, the two also have more and more intersection, not only has been repeatedly photographed holding hands while shopping.Wu Qian was also photographed at the end of the event, immediately rushed to the hotel and Zhang Yujian date, sweet kiss.In February 2019, some netizens broke the news online that Wu Qian was pregnant before marriage, and Zhang Yujian accompanied her to have a maternity check-up.This broke the news at the beginning of not many people believe, but coincidence is that during that time Wu Qian recorded video out of the mirror are only exposed to the upper body, su Yan, wearing a hat, attitude tired, and before full of college girls look different, unexpectedly on the.Wu Qianfa’s video background during the epidemic was also suspected by netizens in Zhang Yujian’s home.In September 2020, Wu qian updated her status. In the video, wu qian’s facial features did not change much, and she even wore makeup specially. However, she looked much thinner and lost collagen on her face, lacking the vitality of her debut days.This is also very similar to the state of lactation after giving birth to a child, so wu Qian and Zhang Yujian have a child gossip began to spread, but both parties have not responded to the gossip.It was not until March 2021 that actress Wu Qian was photographed dining with her mother and a child.At that time, the baby in Wu Qian’s arms is about one year old, very lovely, according to the age, and the net spread Wu Qian in 2019 ~ early 2020 to give birth to the rumor.Because even the children are exposed, the public discussion of Wu Qian out of wedlock again more and more intense, many Wu Qian fans and passers-by to Zhang Yujian social platform, let him speak out, should not let Wu Qian a person admit so much.In a curse, Zhang Yujian finally responded to the sound.He admitted that he and Wu Qian is normal love marriage, there is a lovely child, complete legal procedures.He also lashed out at his netizens and journalists, saying he had no obligation to tell them about his personal affairs.I just didn’t think that the last time was to admit that he was married, and this time again the official announcement, but has been divorced.However, for the divorce of the two people, the netizens basically showed a one-sided state, most of them support Wu Qian to do business, do not love the brain, there are people called Zhang Yujian “lower male”.And there’s a reason for that.Many Internet users were supportive of the couple’s initial love affair, with their fans happily popping sugar.But no matter how the gossip, Zhang Yujian side is not admitted attitude, he is still in the program in single, single dog people set up for girlfriend.If according to the media exposure of the age, then Wu Qian should have been pregnant for two months.In the filming of the next station, happiness, in order to role needs Zhang Yujian and unilateral and Yu Shuxin group CP, live talk about two people get along, Zhang Yujian has been to ambiguous direction said, but Yu Shuxin has been in the relationship.During this period of time, Wu qian even put her wedding ring on her finger during the live broadcast, which was thought by many people to be an open relationship. Some netizens speculated that Wu Qian was taking a vow of sovereignty.Wu Qian live that day eyes also dull, look a little sad but Zhang Yujian there is still silent, continue to fry CP to sell people set, such behavior, let a person quite down.So later Zhang Yujian admitted and Wu Qian’s relationship, was also made fun of his words have a kind of blame Wu Qian let children exposed feeling.But Wu Qian really let Zhang Yujian not hand?Of course not.Before working with Zhang yujian, Wu was already famous for her roles in TV dramas such as The Deer and The Ding Ji and My Sunshine.Bai Luoheng, the kind and lovely, soft and adorable demon princess in Choose the Day, makes her no less popular than the heroine.Her makeupless appearance on the reality TV show “Adventure with Belle” was also remarkable.”I only like you” when start, Wu Qian has become popular floret.In contrast, Zhang Yujian fame is much smaller, debut for many years although he also shot a lot of drama, but there is no red, the most representative works or with Wu Qian shot “I only like you”.But since Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian after the scandal, the work and compared to the past sharply reduced, and even in the most popular period to get married and have children, missed the career of the ascendance.After getting married and having children, he returned to the entertainment circle. He had no status in those days. Recently, he appeared in the “You are my Honor” and made a guest appearance.It’s really a pity!In fact, Wu Qian’s popularity has been very good, in her hidden before the shooting of “rock sugar stew Sydney” broadcast after the evaluation is quite high, it can be seen that even if the scandal at that time, she still sit idol drama heroine position.But all the time, because she was busy falling in love, getting married and having children, Wu Qian neglected career development and missed many opportunities.Do not know after divorce, Wu Qian can get rid of love brain, climb the career peak again?Hot watch, good play, imagination beyond the sky.Please share!Mua!!!Urban men and women’s mind SPA with academic rigor to see your circle without permission, declined to be reproduced