The top configuration is only 131,900 yuan, changan UNI-V global pre-sale has begun, there is no reason to grab

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In January this year, Changan Uni-V launched the 1.5-ton uni-V Smart Pilot with a pre-order price of 134,900 yuan, which caused a lot of discussion. Today, the official pre-order price is finally announced. There are four versions: Uni-V Superior with a pre-order price of 108,900 yuan;Uni-v Premium model, pre-sale price 116,900 yuan;Uni-v Sport edition, pre-sale price 123,900 yuan;Uni-v Smart Pilot, pre-sale price 131,900 yuan.And on this basis, launched 3 general election package, respectively: enjoy sound quality package, including SONY sound (10 speakers), pre-sale price of 1999 yuan;Sports Coldplay bag, including High Wind sports kit + four exhaust cylinders, pre-sale price of 2999 YUAN;Electric flying wing pack, including intelligent electric rear wing + electric hatchback door, pre-sale price 4999 yuan.As the first sedan of Changan high-end sequence UNI, Changan UNI-V integrates many of changan’s latest technological achievements.It is based on changan “Ark architecture” platform, with new exclusive sedan chassis, special blue whale power, high stiffness lightweight “Ark cage” body structure, comprehensive advanced intelligent black technology, will provide users with unprecedented travel experience.In terms of appearance, the Changan Uni-V brings the elegance and dynamism of A five-door hatchback COUPE to the A+ segment like never before.A glimpse of the sexy body of Jing Hong brings out the unconventional design of the future, which is unforgettable.The electric rear wing gives uni-V a practical and sporty look.In terms of performance, the Changan UNI-V uses a powertrain consisting of blue Whale’s new generation NE1.5T high pressure direct injection engine and Blue Whale’s 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission.The powertrain has a maximum rated power of 138kW and can output up to 300n. m peak torque at 1500rpm. It also has SUPER RACE track mode to provide drivers with continuous and abundant power at all times.At the same time, Changan UNI-V has created a new, proprietary chassis based on a high stiffness, lightweight “ark cage” body structure.In terms of suspension, starting from the underlying kinematics, engineers re-consider the hard point design of suspension. After tens of thousands of iterations, they choose the optimal design, which is motorized by DTV (Dynamic Torque Vector-control), giving Changan UNI-V better handling stability and driving quality.In addition, Changan UNI-V has comprehensive advanced intelligent black technology, including IMS intelligent cockpit interaction system, full scene intelligent voice interaction system, game cockpit, so that users can first experience the convenience and comfort of intelligent travel.More importantly, changan UNI-V is equipped with advanced intelligent driver assistance system, integrated with adaptive cruise in full speed domain and intelligent lane recommendation and trigger lane change functions.The driver can give lane change instructions through the turn signal dial lever or voice control, and the vehicle can change lane intelligently when the conditions are met, reducing the driving burden.The addition of 360° HD panoramic image +180° chassis perspective and dashcam function can monitor the situation around the vehicle in real time and improve the safety of narrow road meeting and other scenes.In addition to the solid “body fortress”, changan UNI-V is equipped with the 3rd generation ESC body stability control system, which integrates ABS, EBD, TCS, ESC, HHC and other functions, providing a layer of “technological armor” to bring real safety protection for drivers and their families.Changan UNI-V is equipped with the driver trigger lane change (UDLC) function. If the driver needs to change lanes, he can give the lane change instruction through the turn signal lever. The system automatically detects the space of adjacent lanes and surrounding road conditions, and calculates the lane change trajectory.If the conditions are met, the vehicle will be intelligent lane change, save worry, save effort, safe driving.In recent years, the concept of “vehicle platform” has appeared more and more frequently in people’s eyes, from Volkswagen’s MQB platform to Toyota’s TNGA architecture.Indeed, an excellent platform contains the design direction, engineering and manufacturing, production efficiency and many other aspects of the car, not only bearing the “appearance” of a car after its birth, but also the embodiment of a car brand building concept.Arark architecture is a new vehicle manufacturing concept in the era of CHANGan Automobile research and development 4.0, and the Changan UNI series bred by it has achieved good results in the market. Uni-v is the first car model under arark architecture.As the first five-door coupe bred by ARK architecture, it can be predicted that Changan UNI-V, with full product strength and powerful price, will surely become another explosive model in changan UNI series.