Tongling optimized services to stimulate the vitality of market players

2022-04-18 0 By

Tongling has learned from the good experience and practices of developed regions, continued to deepen the reform of “delegating power, delegating power, delegating power and providing services”, carried out the “four delivery services and one service” on a regular basis, continuously optimized the business environment, and constantly stimulated the vitality of market entities.Last year, 15,946 new market entities of various types were established in the city, bringing the total number of market entities to 129,000.Tongling city pressed the “fast forward button” to accelerate the construction of the service system of “one window to accept, one network to do, one set of materials, one collection, one set of management, one day to finish”.Last year, the city saved more than 4.1 million yuan in start-up costs for new businesses by giving them free stamps and tax ukeys.We continued to improve examination and approval services, and promoted the reform to separate business licenses from business licenses across the country. Last year, we handled 3,178 reform items to separate business licenses from business licenses.The city has also continued to deepen the joint supervision of departments under the “double random inspection and one open inspection”, promoted the orderly connection between the special rectification and the “double random inspection and one open inspection” supervision, and promoted the implementation of “one form inspection” and “entering the door once and checking many things”, effectively reducing the burden on enterprises.In order to improve the service capacity of enterprises in using intellectual property rights, Tongling city set up the People’s Mediation Committee for INTELLECTUAL property disputes, established the ipr protection assistance system at city and county levels, promoted the in-depth integration of intellectual property (science and technology) finance, and handled 23 patent pledge loans with the enterprise financing amount of 101 million yuan.At the same time, the “white list” pushing mechanism of pledge financing was established, intellectual property strategic cooperation agreement was signed with Bank of China, and 12 trademark pledge financing transactions were handled, with the amount of financing amounting to 38.55 million yuan.(Reporter Liu Yang correspondent Sun Zhaozhu)