Two classes set in Old Man’s Ring: Tramp with sword and warrior with tomahawk

2022-04-18 0 By

Elden’s Circle of Law officially announced today the class Settings for the game’s two optional classes, check them out!VAGABOND: “a wandering knight banished from his native land, of unyielding, self-armored origin.”HERO: A tenacious HERO, born with his own battle-axe and descended from the Chieftain of the Wasteland.It is worth noting that the origins of the “Brave” were previously revealed in the Elden Ring online test, while the VAGABOND was revealed for the first time, carrying a large sword in addition to the official description of a sturdy suit of armor.(Small make up: in this one in the birth can choose big sword fierce male, mang fu ecstasy!)Elden Circle is an action RPG set in an orthodox dark fantasy world.The game will be released on February 25.Explore the unknown in vast Settings and underground mazes, challenge difficult situations, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment when you overcome them.Not only that, but also a group drama composed of the interests of the characters should not be missed.There are 20 days until Elden rings goes on sale.