Unemployed guy posing as rich handsome cheat money and cheat color, beauty victim know the truth after it is too late

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Zhao Kun, male, 1.85 meters tall, handsome face, thick eyebrows, big eyes, charming in the unconventional.College graduates 5 years, in addition to playing with the text, shake one’s lips and flatter others, has been drifting.One night, Zhao Kun idle, mobile phone brush headlines, when he saw a cheater through the Internet, cheat money color, change the fate of the article, can not help but suddenly “understanding”.On a rainy night, Zhao dried three bottles of beer at a friend’s house and returned to his low-rent apartment.I downloaded a dating APP called Tinder.He set up an account, giving himself the online name “overbearing president”, staring for “prey”.It wasn’t long before a man with the name “Little Girl” caught his eye.On the screen of the mobile phone, the two lines of text from the other party: “A canary in a golden cage, red through spring beauty,” suddenly attracted zhao Kun’s attention.Zhao Kun learned is a secretary professional, in poetry and love letters in the text time also calculated.He thought a little, conveniently on the keyboard to knock out: jade baluster willow green tile, courtyard is deeply whose home.Tian Chou green, xiushui flow, spring breeze to open my heart.Pine forest to listen to the sound of waves, faint grass lane hair, orioles with time!”The poem, full of literary charm, taps the heart of “little dainty woman”.The other party immediately sent a message saying, “It was yesterday that a good friend was hard to find. Today, you smile to a talented man.”After several trips, they knew the other side was not far from their own city.The more two people’s text communication is more hot, more “discharge” more bold.”Little dainty” way: “this year, love is to enjoy happiness, marriage is to commit confusion.””Domineering president” said: “marriage siege is looking for pain, unconstrained is great happiness.”Life is afraid of being left out, divorce is afraid of no way out,” wrote xiao Jiaoniang.”Overbearing president” replied, “Being in heaven and earth is freedom.””Little girl” test: “No lover is waste?””Domineering president” seems to express his mind: “Too many lovers are stupid!”Half an hour later, “little dainty” came the text, “who is jun, please tell me the truth?””Overlord president” returned: “MY name is Zhao Kun, 29 years old, single, professional confidentiality, a few days ago, I went out to inspect the project, big rush car was hit, I was injured, at home to recuperate, surfing the Internet to relax, unexpectedly met the talented girl, how lucky!Then, the words on the screen set Zhao Kun’s pulse racing: “My name is Jiaojiao, female, 38 years old, the wife of the restaurant owner.”The two men, each with his own needs, quickly agreed on the time, place and method of meeting.Three days later, zhao, dapper in suit and tie, headed for the city where little Dainty lived.Facing the next train, Zhao Kun will be his left ankle bone bandaged like a wounded.”Little Girl” Meng Jiaojiao arrived as promised.She saw zhao Kun’s image and wardrobe, suddenly fell in love.Hotel, Zhao Kun that such as reed qiao tongue, jiao Jiao two cheeks flying red.After two bottles of wine, they walked hand in hand into the luxurious guest room — meng told Zhao kun that at the age of 22, she had married a deputy director of the land bureau who was 18 years older than her.Fifteen years later, she was left behind by her husband, who was obsessed with sex, kept mistresses and became addicted to gambling.Helpless, she opened a restaurant in the spare time, had to get on the Internet to relieve loneliness and depression.Zhao Kun hugged her tightly and said, “Sister Jiaojiao, in the future, with me, you will be happy!”Two people together for three days, the elegant Zhao Kun completely conquered jiaojiao body and mind.Zhao Kun pretended to have urgent business to deal with, offered to return, Jiaojiao reluctantly to the station to see off.Looking at the wounded lover, Jiao Jiao heart surging, wechat turned 5000 yuan, tears in her eyes and said: “Dear baby, take care of yourself, I will miss you!”For the first time “go to war” then sentiment wealth double gain, Zhao Kun happy toss and turn restlessly, almost sleepless!Meng was swept off her feet by the powerful and dissolute Zhao Kun, with whom she met at least once or twice a month.After nearly a year of torment, Jiao Jiao and her husband finally divorced, burning is wang love fire jiaojiao constantly issued a warm invitation to Zhao Kun.Zhao Kun had long anticipated this day.He hugged Jiaojiao tightly like an iron band and swore: “Dear Jiaojiao, I will repay you with my unrepentant sincerity for your love in this world.”They lived together without scruple, and Jiaojiao felt that she was the happiest woman in the world!Late one night, Zhao Kun mysteriously took out a stack of materials, said: “This is my mortgage certificate of a 250 square meter gate face, as well as the asset appraisal certificate and notarial certificate of relevant departments.”Jiao Jiao took it, but saw a red seal suddenly into the eye.She hid the valuable document with great care, and trusted and loved her prince charming all the more.Half a year later, Zhao Kun “closed the net”.Once, after they made love, Zhao Kun told Jiaojiao that he needed 150,000 yuan to do a big business in the south.Meng Jiaojiao hesitated at first, but then she thought, she was holding his 200 square meters of real estate in her hands, and she was afraid he would fly away.Then happily transferred 150,000 yuan to the lover.The next day, Zhao Kun kissed his sister Fan and boarded the high-speed train heading south.After 24 hours, Meng Jiaojiao’s mobile phone has not heard from Zhao Kun. She has dialed it again and again, but it is always turned off.Three days later, Jiao Jiao finally panicked.She took out the materials zhao Kun gave him to the relevant departments to check, the answer is that the materials are forged.Inquire zhao Kun’s ID card again, the public security organ informed her that id card is also false.Meng Jiaojiao was out of breath for a long time. Her chest was tight and her eyes were black. She fell to the ground.After getting rid of Meng Jiaojiao, Zhao Kun decided to “fight guerrilla warfare” elsewhere.He borrowed 100,000 yuan online, rented a Maserati and moved to another big city.In disguise, he haunts luxury venues and bars in search of his next prey.Valentine’s Day night, bright lights.Zhao Kun drives on the playground street.On such a day, he thought, any single woman who wandered about and amused herself by herself was either a self-pitying person or an outcast.He parked his car and ducked into a casino in the sky.In the dimly lit hall, men and women danced to and from the singing of a charming young woman.Up close, she was dressed in bright clothes, delicate face, long hair shawl, narrow eyes, quietly singing “Itch”.Zhao Kun two eyes shine, ah, she is my target tonight!”Mohe dance hall” music sounded, Zhao Kun respectfully invited women to dance.The woman lifted an eye to see, see is a tall handsome handsome male, immediately hand in hand with it slide into the dance floor.Zhao Kun uses every trick in the book, accompany this lonely woman relaxed and happy!With the passage of time, music foil, emotional communication, the two people jump closer and closer, more and more hot.In the early hours of the morning, the woman led Zhao Kun into his “golden house”.In a cup of wine, Zhao Kun praises the woman’s beauty, neat, diligent and sweet.The woman’s tears flow down, Zhao Kun quickly close to gently wipe tears for her, the woman SOB, while homeward leaning into zhao Kun’s arms.Zhao Kun and its deep kiss together…Later, the woman made a cup of coffee for Zhao Kun and began to talk about the past: Her name was Liu Qian, 41 years old, working as a deputy general manager in a joint venture company, a typical white-collar worker.Her husband, a policeman, caught her red-handed in an affair with a foreign businessman.After a tough divorce war, she lost her husband and son, got 180 square meters of housing, a person in self-appreciation and searching has endured two years.The next morning, Zhao Offered each other a delicious breakfast.Liu Qian was moved straight wipe tears!She took Zhao Kun’s hands to her chest and said, “I haven’t been cared for like this by a man for two years.”Zhao Kun picked up Liu Qian and said, “I will love you so deeply all my life!But now I have business to attend to, and I must leave you to tackle it. Business matters most.”This hard-to-get trick was taken by Liu Qian as a sign that the man was enterprising.She firmly believes that this handsome man is not pragmatic, worthy of bold pursuit!”What’s the big deal?” she asked.Zhao Kun fabricated: “I bribed 280,000 yuan in A city and got A luxury villa project costing 35 million yuan.A competitor got the information and turned me in.On the limelight, I temporarily out of hiding, did not expect to meet here beautiful and virtuous you.”Liu Qian said: “it doesn’t matter, this year, to eliminate disaster, have to lose money.”Zhao Kun said wistfully, “Sister Ye, all my money has been spent on projects and bribes. What shall I do?”Liu Qian in order to tie the heart of the little lover, blurt out: “I have, elder sister to help you!But promise me you must love me as long as you live! ‘Zhao Kun immediately came to the spirit, tightly embrace Liu Qian, loudly say: “good, I promise, love you all my life!Empty words without proof, writing for the proof!”Then he wrote down the guarantee and signed his name.The next day, Zhao Kun volunteered: “Dear sister, let me lend you 100,000 yuan, but I have to pledge my 2.8 million Maserati to you?”Liu Qian thought, this is better, lest he empty – handed white Wolf, immediately agreed.On the same day, Ye er put 100,000 yuan to Zhao Kun’s account, Zhao Kun put the car keys and relevant documents in the hands of Liu Qian.It was another affectionate evening.The next morning, Zhao Kun said goodbye to Ye er.Two days passed, Liu Qian has not heard from Zhao Kun, call, always “mud cow into the sea no news”.She hurried to the bank inquiry, that 100,000 yuan had been taken.Then went to the public Security Bureau to check the documents, zhao Kun left the copy of the ID card, car invoices are forged!And Zhao Kun walks in another place, looking for the next target!