Where are prepared vegetables heading?

2022-04-18 0 By

No one expected that the fight against the epidemic would last so long, nor did they expect that the epidemic would make the way home for the Spring Festival difficult. Many people had no choice but to “celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot”, and the form of the New Year’s Eve dinner changed accordingly.From “cloud drinking” trapped at home in 2020 to “Cooking show” in friends circle in 2021, and “prefab” in 2022.The epidemic has made the New Year’s Eve dinner upgraded to three versions in three years.Under the impetus of the epidemic, prepared dishes are developing rapidly, especially this year, they have become the “new favorite” of New Year’s Eve dinners.On the eve of this year’s Spring Festival, the epidemic spread across the country, and there were multiple consumption scenarios in the catering market, such as celebrating the Spring Festival on the spot and staying at home, which also promoted the sales of prepared dishes to rise again.According to the report on Taobao’s New Year’s Eve dinner in 2022, prepared dishes increased by more than 100% year-on-year during the Spring Festival, making them one of the most popular dishes for New Year’s Eve dinners.The Ministry of Commerce announced the sales results of the 2022 National Online Shopping Festival.According to business Big Data monitoring of key e-commerce platforms, the sales of prepared dishes increased by 45.9% year on year in this “New Year’s Goods Festival”.In the run-up to this year’s Spring Festival, sales of “prepared dishes” on multiple platforms, including Taobao, Ding Dong Mai CAI and Hema Xiansheng, soared.On Taobao, sales of “prepared dishes” during this year’s Lunar New Year shopping festival increased by more than 100 percent compared with last year.In Ding Dong, prepared dishes are up more than 400 percent year on year, and some dishes are up more than 980 percent from the previous week.With a combination of factors, prepared dishes may indeed take off.On the one hand, the back-end supply chain and production chain have become increasingly mature due to the standardization and chain of catering.On the other hand, the consumer demand of B-end restaurant enterprises and c-end public has become a strong demand, no matter big meal enterprises and small stores, the proportion of prepared dishes and seasoning packages will also be increasing.Remember, precast is a track that has been around for years, and when the C-end does take off, it’s going to explode.After the epidemic and the Spring Festival overlay, prepared dishes have indeed received the best consumer education opportunities.With supply, demand, and a mass base, and a high degree of capital involvement, prepared food basically has the ingredients for rapid development.For prepared food manufacturers, there are many thresholds to overcome, such as supply chain, freshness and taste, before it can reach ordinary people’s homes.How to ensure the high-quality supply of rice and flour, livestock and poultry, aquatic products, soybean products, root and fruit vegetables and other products suppliers;How to keep fresh in the production process, how to make the taste more similar to the current stir-fried dishes;Downstream cold chain logistics and other key issues need to be well controlled.