Xining city public security organs multiple measures to carry out prevention of telecom fraud publicity activities

2022-04-18 0 By

In order to improve the area of the people’s awareness of fraud, fraud prevention ability, effectively curb the occurrence of telecom network fraud cases, effectively cover the area of the masses of the “money bag”, Xining city public security organs multiple measures to carry out prevention of telecom fraud publicity activities, strong build to prevent telecom fraud the first fortress in the New Year.In view of the characteristics of the current telecom fraud means renovation fast, spread fast, The public security organs of Xining city many times organized the police held the case analysis meeting of telecom fraud, and adopted the combination of online and offline, expand the publicity matrix.Online through “community wechat group”, wechat public number, Weibo and other new media platforms regularly issued practical prevention of telecom fraud methods, prompting the masses to distinguish true and false, improve prevention awareness.Offline, the use of LED large screen in the area of rolling video publicity, so that the business people to accept the latest anti-fraud knowledge.Case the franco-prussian hold up law “umbrella” xining city public security organs in combination with “I does the practical work for the masses”, “point to point” and “door to door” to preach, police took out telecom fraud typical cases for area residents in detail, and prompt people to overcome “corruption,” thought, do not trust, do not disclose, transfer, participation, protect privacy, resist the temptation.Don’t panic when you feel cheated, keep calm, immediately report to the police, and jointly resist telecom fraud.Hand in hand to strengthen anti cheat “immunity” between the people and when to carry out the activities, requires police of the public security organs at all levels to take “five into” work style, namely into the community, into the square, merchants, into schools, public places, police through “a lesson for telecom fraud prevention, hair a telecom fraud flyer”, to carry out the telecom to prevent fraud,Activities in the police into the family 53 households, into the community 8, into the square 1, into 28 businesses, uninterrupted to strengthen the masses and merchants against fraud “immunity”.