Zhao xintong conquered her opponent, the world champion uttered a nine-word exclamation, o ‘Sullivan called him Federer

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Snooker Germany Masters has decided the final champion, this is destined to go down in China’s snooker development final, no one expected such a rare score to decide the final champion.Zhao Xintong, the young Chinese who recently won the UK Championship, one of the three major tournaments, defeated Yan Bingtao in the final to win the ranking title again.Snooker’s top players expressed their feelings after seeing Zhao perform so strongly in the final.O ‘Sullivan described Zhao as the Roger Federer of snooker, while another top player in the world expressed his admiration in nine words, which some netizens interpreted as a feeling of fear.Haha, of course, this interpretation may be more of a joke.After winning the British Championship, Zhao xintong’s competition feeling, temperament and psychological quality have been greatly improved.Zhao xintong won eight straight games in the group stage to win the group title and advance to the winner’s group.But in this German Masters, Zhao all the way through, mark Williams and Trump, such as the top masters were defeated by his stroke.After a strong run into the final, his opponent is also very good Chinese player Yan Bingtao.The match was considered to be a duel of swords and shields before the match, with Zhao known for attacking while Yan focused more on defense.What I didn’t expect was that what was supposed to be a close fight turned into a solo performance by Zhao Xintong.Not Yan Bingtao’s strength is not good, but Zhao Xintong’s performance is too excellent.From the first set, chao was in control.In the end, Zhao xintong beat Yan Bingtao, the world’s best post-2000 player, 9-0 after breaking 100 and 60+ 5 to win her second consecutive ranking final.This is only the second player after Neil Robertson to record a clean sheet in a rob 9 match.Currently, he has a 100% winning rate in ranking finals!The tournament also earned Chao 80,000 pounds in prize money, and he surpassed Mark Williams with this victory to reach no. 8 in the world, a new personal ranking of his own.Have to say, Zhao Xintong’s performance is too excellent, after watching the live broadcast of the match, many top players in the world published their own sigh.Jimmy White put it bluntly: “His pace, his ability to destroy opponents without much involvement, is very much like O ‘Sullivan.”Yes, zhao xintong’s style is somewhat similar to O ‘Sullivan’s, and he also has a nickname, “The Chinese Rocket”.So, rocket O ‘Sullivan is how to look at Zhao Xintong?O ‘Sullivan used Roger Federer, a player with statistical status in the professional tennis world, to describe Zhao xintong, which can be seen that he expects Zhao xintong, but also showed his great recognition of Zhao xintong.”Zhao is amazing. I think he’s our Roger Federer,” he said.And in the German Masters by Zhao Xintong almost swept the way out of the top player Trump, is a nine-word exclamation: “the new era is coming”?This exclamation, some netizens joked about this, this is trump in fear?After all, he’s been on fire these past two seasons, but he’s still known by many fans as the unconvincing king of minor league titles.So, he still needs more championships to prove himself.But now on the way forward, there is zhao Xintong, such a rising star, really has no small impact on him.After all, he was beaten by Zhao xintong in Germany.