Zhu Liu, a piano prodigy, has been on the road to stardom since he was discovered by talent scouts at the age of seven months

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“Hope that their children become successful, hope that their daughters become successful”, I believe that this is the expectation of many parents, parents hope that their children can make a difference and win honor for the family, this expectation is not to think about it can be easily realized.Some parents have already “paved” the way forward for their children, and some parents are forced to give their children “a lot of” interests and hobbies, and often most of these are counterproductive.However, it has to be said that some children are naturally gifted, born is the most bright star in people’s eyes, even if parents do not have too much intervention, they can also find their own “home”, today ziya Tong Qu just a classmate boy will take you into the story of the genius boy Zhu Liu.Giulio givanni carlo taccon was born November 6, 2002, both academic and fun since I was a child, he was particularly well, the development of seven months old giulio givanni carlo taccon has been a child star, because mother is in taiyuan, shanxi people, my father is Italian and giulio givanni carlo taccon as favorite mongrel, natural commendation is angular, temperament, is the most enviable “hybrid” people’s mouth.On February 9, 2014, CCTV 1 staged a large-scale inspirational public welfare program “Amazing Chinese”, After the appearance of Zhu Liu.Was surprised by the audience friends called “small Guan Zhilin”, because it looks like Guan Zhilin will also play, rebound piano, clear and loud singing for him to win bursts of applause and applause, Zhu Liu instantly became the focus of attention.Many people assume that such “child prodigies” must have versatile parents behind them.Shi Naiqin, Zhu liu’s mother, is a native of Taiyuan. She graduated from Shanxi University in 1988 with a degree in computer science. After working in shanxi’s foreign trade for several years, she moved to Beijing to officially join the group.Kennedy didn’t have her son, Zhu Liu, until she was 36, so she focused on her family and became a stay-at-home wife.Her Italian husband worked in China and Italy for a long time, and Ian Followed him back and forth. Therefore, Zhu liu grew up in Shandong, Shanxi, Shenzhen, Beijing and Italy.While Ian and her husband didn’t nurture Chu’s interests, they became stars because of a talent scout.In 2003, When Kennedy carried his seven-month-old son Zhu Liu through the streets of Taiyuan, his mixed-race personality drew crowds of onlookers and admirers, as it always does whenever He goes out with zhu Liu.But one day, a stranger followed Her to her front door. He said he was from an advertising company and thought Zhu liu was very good looking. He hoped that He could advertise for them.She said yes, and zhu’s print ads appeared in Taiyuan Daily and Taiyuan Evening News, as well as at major intersections in the city.Kennedy said that she and her husband were science and engineering students, so they didn’t know anything about music. But Zhu was born with a natural talent for music. When He was very young, his favorite thing was knocking on things, and he was excited and curious about the sound they made.When Zhu grew up, the couple found a piano teacher for him, but they didn’t pay much attention to his musical talent until the teacher reminded Ian that Zhu’s talent was rare and needed to be nurtured.After listening to the advice of her piano teacher, Ian and her husband decided to start zhu’s learning journey.To their surprise, Zhu liu was indeed gifted in this area. After only three months of learning, Zhu Liu won the third place in the Children’s category of the Mozart Piano Competition.This kind of achievement and performance, let Zhu Liu small famous, at this time is in Italy in the first grade of Zhu Liu, was also admitted to Italy bergamo Music University for special recruitment, Zhu Liu in Italy reputation, and obtained a number of achievements.As early as 2008, Zhu Liu played the role of Bruce Lee’s son Li Guohao in the CCTC TV series The Legend of Bruce Lee. This is not only zhu Liu’s pride, but also the pride of his parents. When he played Li Guohao, he was only four years old, which has become an important experience in his life.However, his real rise to fame in China began in 2014 with the show Amazing Chinese, in which He spoke fluent Chinese and the judges. His Chinese was very standard and very comfortable. In fact, Zhu Liu had been studying in Italy and spoke Italian as his mother tongue.At the same time, he can also speak English and French. The reason why he is so proficient in Chinese is that his mother often brings Zhu Liu back to visit relatives. Therefore, it is very noticeable that zhu Liu is a “foreigner” who speaks authentic Chinese.Because of this important experience, opened the door of giulio givanni carlo taccon her career directly, he interdisciplinary development in the domestic open the floodgates, Beijing TV, hunan satellite TV, tianjin TV and so on all have giulio givanni carlo taccon active figure, zhu Liu Cheng to each big darling of film and television programs, video recording, to participate in public welfare activities, all kinds of advertising, and so on…Ian said that The purpose of Zhu’s participation in the show is for him to get some exercise, and Zhu enjoys it very much. He thinks he can meet more friends on the show.Zhu Liu’s education belongs to the combination of Chinese and Western education, because one of his parents is Chinese and the other is Italian. If it is too Oriental, Zhu Liu’s father cannot accept it, and zhu Liu’s mother does not like it, so they choose to learn from each other after compromise, and carry out the combination of Chinese and Western education.In Italy, Zhu Liu had more than 5 hours of cultural classes every day, went to the music university at least four times a week, and practiced the piano regularly for one and a half hours every day. Zhu Liu also worked very hard, and he finished three years of college courses in two years. As zhu Liu was strong in piano, he passed with full marks.So what are the differences between Chinese and Western education?Take piano practice for example.In China may have many parents force children to practice the piano for a long time, not to give up for several hours and every day and in Italy, the teacher does not recommend the younger children to practice the piano for a long time, the domestic comparison pay attention to fingers kung fu, and Italy asked the students to promote music theory knowledge, the chorus is just as well as the music culture aspects.Whether a child can achieve a hobby is also related to its talent, so when we educate children, we should focus on cultivating them according to their talent, rather than forcing them to follow their parents’ routine.Shi Naiqin, Zhu Liu’s mother, said, “When Zhu Liu was just a child, he also had troubles. Only listening and paying attention to him can give him better love. I can see that parents have injected full love into zhu Liu’s cultivation.With his own talent and vitality, Zhu Liu shows the flexibility of music. It is obvious from Zhu Liu that he is communicating with music and piano with his heart and feeling the charm of music with his heart.In the video of his performance, he shows us many different forms of beauty, whether the melodious melody or clever fingers are full of beauty.Moreover, Zhu Liu’s original music song “My Sofa” was posted on the homepage ofa WEBSITE in the United States in just 18 hours, and gained 180,000 hits. More and more fans like Zhu Liu, and even suddenly increased by more than 4,000, which can be said to be a no small achievement.Here we look forward to hearing more of Zhu liu’s works, and hope that this talented young man can keep a bright and happy mood all the time.If you have anything to say to Zhu Liu, please leave a message in the comments section below to communicate with me.If you like my article, please follow me, like and forward for me, every encouragement from you will be my motivation to make better works.END two dogs