Another thunder room enterprise exposure “change owner”!2022 ‘Safe Year’ for Real Estate

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01 national team again to the whole of China the park had changed hands last working day before the Spring Festival, because of capital chain BaoLei troubled Chinese garden new news: shandong some kang real estate enterprises to become the controlling shareholder, the state-owned enterprises have completed preliminary all of the Chinese Olympic garden, visitors are expected to start substantive adjustment and business contacts.This means that if the plan is successful, the entire Olympic Park will be changed by state-owned enterprises holding.Good house notes: this is not the first big action of state-owned capital to “thunderbolt” private enterprise acquisition.In the past two months, a number of state-owned enterprises and central enterprises have made frequent efforts to “aid” private real estate enterprises in danger or difficulties through equity acquisition: On December 31, Shenzhen Construction and Development Group of state-owned enterprises special Zone planned to subscribe for 3.35 billion new shares issued by South China City, becoming the largest single shareholder of South China City.Xiangsheng holdings sold a loss-making company to Zhejiang Guozi;Half a month after the 1.06 billion yuan acquisition of Yuzhou Property, China Resources Vientiane Life Has acquired all the equity of Zhongnan Service;A wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission bought Shanghai Shimao Real Estate for 1.06 billion yuan.Agile guangzhou Asian Games City 26.66% stake sold to China Shipping.Sunac has successively transferred the equity of three project companies in Wuhan and Kunming to state-owned enterprises.02 More central/state-owned enterprises issued m&a bills more “white knights” may come recently, the action of the national team has also made the rumors recently become a reality:Nine central soes, including Poly, OCT, China Merchants Shekou, China Resources, Cofco and Minmetals, were required to provide liquidity support to 11 enterprises with medium and high risks by acquiring project assets.There is no consensus within the industry on the news.But from the above a number of acquisitions, state assets are indeed stepping up the pace of “assistance”.At present, the government level also introduced many policies to encourage the acquisition of housing enterprises.However, as the market is still in the downward channel, housing enterprises for the acquisition of more cautious.Most of the enterprises receiving m&a projects are central and state-owned enterprises, which also receive more support from financial institutions and issue M&A bills.Haofanghui noted that on January 26, the central enterprise Merchants Shekou and Xiamen state-owned real estate enterprise C&D real Estate respectively issued m&a bills.Among them, C&D raised 460 million yuan for the acquisition of equity of 2 target real estate project companies.China Merchants Shekou issued 1.29 billion yuan for the acquisition of real estate projects, helping to successfully complete the construction of real estate projects with high demand for funds.This also means that after the Spring Festival, more state-owned “white knight” is expected to appear, some of the debt pressure is too large housing enterprises or more “lost car baoshuai”, various forms of mergers and acquisitions between housing enterprises or emerge in endless.”Safety”, or will become the key word of the real estate industry in 2022.It is expected that in 2022, most housing enterprises will shift from rapid expansion to lean and lean farming;But a small number of central enterprises/low debt listed real estate enterprises or against the trend of “inflation”, industry concentration will continue to improve.At the same time, some small and stable, small and beautiful regional housing enterprises due to less financial pressure, more equipped with the product force upgrade and innovation conditions, the competitiveness of 2022 will be more prominent, still can walk a “homestead road”.However, in the first half of 2022, in the face of complex changes in the industry, Haofanghui suggests that “safety” should be the most important consideration for both real estate developers looking for jobs and home buyers buying homes!Part of the “safe” housing enterprises and real estate recommended correction: Cheng Fa Heng Wei Yang Hu Ying 2009, rough price limit 14200 editor/review: Good room hui Si qiao article source: Xiangjiang Real Estate circle (wechat public number XJ-Dichanquan) Content description: original content, good room hui authorized simultaneous recommendation.The content of the article is only the property market research, market research or hot concerns, some housing enterprises or real estate recommended information for reference only, does not form the purchase offer conditions.Relevant real estate planning, price and supporting changes or changes, the developer site announced information shall prevail!The data of house type 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