Beekeeping in spring, what should I do when the weather is bad?

2022-04-19 0 By

The recent weather in the south is obvious to all, with a lot of rain, low temperatures and snow in many provinces.It’s raining;This kind of weather can be a headache for us beekeepers, because spring is crucial for beekeepers because it’s a critical time for breeding colonies.So how do we keep bees when the weather is bad in spring?Listen to the words of bees to give the following suggestions: one, delay spring time.When the weather is bad, we should resolutely recommend the time of spring propagation. If forced, it will greatly increase our beekeeping costs and management efforts, and it is difficult to get returns.Beekeeping in Hunan has been facing the phenomenon of bad weather in spring;So it’s not until late spring that we start breeding bees in earnest.Of course, if it were not for the bad weather, no one would want to deliberately delay the spring, after all, spring is rich in nectar and is a good harvest season (such as rape, milk vetch, orange flower, etc.).Two, reduce the situation of bees out.Close the nest door when the weather is bad, and close the nest door when the weather mutation is serious.The idea is to avoid unnecessary outings by bees.1, the weather is bad, the bee damage caused by bees out is much more serious than usual.2, the weather is bad, it is difficult for bees to go out to collect the “food” they want, “flying” is the normal situation;To fly is to fly in vain.3, when the weather is bad, it should be ensured that the bees are excreted in the period of noon when the temperature is highest.Three, do a good job of heat preservation, to ensure the food supply of bees.1. The heat preservation work should continue to be done as in winter, but do not deliberately heat up, so as not to stimulate the large-scale feeding and work of the bees;Otherwise, it is easy to starve to death bees and die of bloating bees. Big-bellied bees are most likely to appear in spring. The most direct reason is that the bad weather can not ensure that bees can go out to excrete normally after a large amount of feeding.2, spring bees began to continue to recover, “wake up” bees food is very large, so no matter how the weather outside at this time, food must be guaranteed in place, to avoid the emergence of a large number of starving bees.In general, bees say that the best way to ensure that your bees make a good transition during spring weather is to stay the same.If you have more to add, please leave a comment and share.