Better to give up than to hold on to something

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We often hear people lament, “….Good!”It’s a palpable feeling of guilt and regret, which we all lament from time to time.Regret is not only a focus on the past, but also a present inertia arising from something in the past.If you don’t want to live an active life now because of something you did in the past, that’s negative regret.Learning lessons is a healthy and beneficial practice, and also an important way for everyone to make progress and development.Regret is an unhealthy mental state that wastes all present energy.In fact, regret alone can’t solve anything.Emerson often ended the day on a happy note.”Time won’t return,” he says. “Try to get your work done each day.Omissions and absurdities are inevitable; forget them quickly.Tomorrow is a new day, and it is time to start afresh, refreshed, and not to burden the future with the mistakes of the past.”To become a happy person, the important thing is to learn to forget all the mistakes, SINS and faults of the past, and strive to move forward toward the goals of the future.In India, Mahatma Gandhi accidentally dropped one of his new shoes on a moving train, and everyone around him felt sorry for him.To his surprise, Gandhi immediately threw the other shoe out of the window.Gandhi explained, “This shoe, no matter how expensive it is, is of no use to me. If someone finds a pair of shoes, they may still be able to wear them.”Clearly, Mr Kennedy has made a value judgment: it is better to give up than to hold on.We’ve all had the experience of losing something important, and most of it has left a shadow in our hearts.The reason is that we do not adjust our mentality to face the loss, do not admit the loss from the psychological, always indulge in the memory of the things that no longer exist.In fact, instead of getting upset about what you’ve lost, look at the reality and think about it in a different way: Maybe what you’ve lost is what someone else deserves.Mr. Carnegie once visited Hessian prison and was surprised at how happy the inmates seemed.Warden Rhodes tells Carnegie: When a prisoner first arrives?Serve your sentence and be as happy as you can.There is a gardener prisoner in the prison while planting vegetables, flowers, but also humming a song!The song he sang asked: “The facts are preordained, the facts are on a certain course, pain and sorrow cannot change the situation, nor can any part of it be reduced, of course, tears do not help, it can not make you work miracles.Then let us stop shedding useless tears!Since no one can turn back the clock, it is better to look forward.Regret things, in life often appear.Many things do regret, do not also regret;Many people meet regret, missed more regret;Many words regret, do not say it also regret……There is no turning back or regret in life.Come over the good times, to add shadow to the future life.As long as you have no heart, what can be seen, put down, why worry about not happy spring warbler in crying, why worry about not happy spring stream in singing, why worry about not happy white clouds in drift, why worry about not happy flowers in bloom!Therefore, let go is happy, not entangled by the past, this is an open-minded life.