Car knowledge: the original geothermal car is not desirable

2022-04-19 0 By

Many car friends, especially men like the original geothermal car: the car does not go to start, point a cigarette, smoke smoke get on the car to start, the United States called hot car, in fact, it is not desirable to do so.First of all, it’s not environmentally friendly.We know that car gasoline is sprayed into the cylinder in the form of atomization combustion, the lower the temperature is, the worse the atomization effect is, the car just started the cylinder temperature is the lowest, so the atomization effect is worst.The atomization effect is not good, resulting in insufficient combustion. The exhaust gas will not be qualified if the combustion is not sufficient, so it is not environmental protection. Some countries ban the original geothermal car because of environmental protection problems.Two, destroy the car.Because the gasoline combustion is not complete, the cylinder will produce carbon, these carbon will be attached to the piston with the exhaust valve, after a long time lead to engine jitter, high fuel consumption, not economic also destroyed the car.Three, the original geothermal car water temperature is slow.Water is to heat the engine, the hotter the engine, the faster the water temperature comes up, the higher the engine speed, the more heat generated.So at idle speed, the engine is the slowest, which is 800 or 900 RPM, and it generates the least heat, so it’s slower.Four, the correct way is: start after half a minute or so immediately drive away, and then smooth driving on the line, water temperature up fast, environmental protection is also saving car.