Chaos old ancestor yuan Life is near, to get mo Ni bead, he will kill to yuan road gens at all costs?

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Wen/short-short takeaway: the attitude to life, some people, some people calm, in all different people have different ideas, such as most of the possession of the residual from the hate day soul, also want to live a life time, at all costs, such as empty city, calm in the face of death, even if there is an opportunity, also do not plan to use what method of possession alive again.And of all the people who want to live for a lifetime or a long time to come, what kind of ancestor is he?Even if there is not much description of this character in the novel, I believe you can also guess.So the novel is wondering, this time without the chaos of mani Zhu, after he will have what kind of action?In the chapter “Nine Lives and Nine Deaths”, Zunzao describes the possible next step of Huntsu: “Huntsu is dying and will do anything crazy to survive. If I hadn’t arrived in time, he would have sacrificed you.”Through this paragraph of content, before combining again did not know mo Ni bead’s whereabouts before, chaos old zu actually still want to break a break big dark mountain can know, today’s chaos old zu and three hundred thousand years before the printing snow day is actually the same, in order to pursue shou yuan, in order to live, he is very likely to stop at all costs.This time, because the yuan lai Yin released ahead of time the honour person and Zhang Rechen, again because of the nine dead emperor break the seal imprint of snow, chaotic bodhi old zu failed to get mani beads, also can’t do with the power of optimal haze woman blue lotus to prolong life of three hundred thousand years, then under this premise, then plot twist what could happen?In this regard, the novel thinks that the yuan Dao clan is likely to become the target of the land, before the great Destiny Mountain was born to maintain order, as the two star race of the ancient twelve tribes, the chaos clan is certainly the king of the dark deep, even if the knife pointed at the Yuan Dao clan, most of the other ethnic groups must also dare to anger and dare not speak.And the reason why the chaos Lao Zu pointed at the yuan Dao clan is very simple.One, ten yuan of the covenant has not arrived at the time, once Zhang Ruochen and robbed the zunzun left the dark deep, that is afraid of chaos and the old ancestor again severe, there is no way at all, so only the butcher’s knife pointed to the yuan dao clan, it is possible to get mo Ni bead by coercion or lure.Secondly, this time the chaos clan has been completely and yuan Dao clan split the face, the relationship between the two has been like water and fire, after solving the matter of the snow day, whether in order to replace the position of the Hongmeng clan or in order to get the mani pearl, to find an excuse to the yuan Dao clan, the interests of the chaos clan is undoubtedly the biggest.Thirdly, chaotic bodhi old zu finally crazy, if this time can’t use optimal haze shiva blue prolong life, chaos of the bodhi old zu shou yuan may also leaves around ten thousand (large probability before the end of the ten yuan will JinYao will fall), in this premise, the bodhi old zu chaos promotion half progenitor hopeless, so he will spare no effort to get mani beads, optimal haze woman, after all, blue lotus has in his hand,I believe it would be worse than killing The hundun patriarch to see an object that could prolong his life for 300,000 years in his hands that he could not use.To sum up, combined with these three conditions, if he wants to get the Mani pearl again, the only choice for him is to sell to the Yuan Dao clan. However, the main problem here is that the man of the god Island also needs youtan Pola to heal his wounds. How can Zhang Ruochen get Youtan Pola flowers from the hands of Hundun Old Zu?Finally, will the chaos patriarch, as zunzun imagined, launch an attack against the Yuan Dao clan?Welcome to leave a message in the comment section, long press “like”, one key three even, thank you for your support.Novel chronicle original, declined to be reproduced without authorization!Pictures from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete.