Chengdu around picking, fishing, camping, lake!

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In addition to eating and sleeping, the weekend, life is so boring, a day’s trip, is to pick, fishing, camping, lake!What kind of travel do you like?Beichuan Yu Xue Gully Mianyang Yu Xue Gully Scenic spot, a total length of 375 kilometers, has the historical and cultural heritage of Dayu and the original natural landscape, dense valleys, vines and flowers, valley danger stream, waterfall flying, forest vegetation has been well protected.Qiang song and dance, special roast whole sheep, folk customs, hiking, camping, water playing, fresh air, is the ideal place for summer leisure.Now, the calligraphy works of Li Bai and Yan Zhenqing are still preserved here, and it is an unpopular resort with history and culture!Lotus Lake, magnetic peak town about a friend, go to lotus Lake water town, there are a lot of lakeside small fishing village, there are dikes, fishing, fishing, lake, sightseeing, outing, its own a tourist resort.The freshly baked prawns are immediately sent to the kitchen, where the translucent body turns into a bright red prawns with some refreshing seasonings. It tastes great and has a wide variety to choose from!Qionglai lake is the favorite place for fishing enthusiasts. It is very close to Chengdu, just over 2 hours by car.The fish here is fat, tender, and farmyard, and the fish is treated and made into delicacies.Wenchuan cherry son Sanguan Temple is the earliest mature area in Wenchuan county, almost every family here have cherry.In the sunshine, more than 200 acres of cherry orchard, a purple fruit hanging on the branches, full and sweet.Tea Valley in Dujiangyan, set off by mountains, looks like a fairyland.As far as the eye can see, the green is full of green, which is a suitable place for summer cooling.Streams flow through the botanical gardens, recreational areas are surrounded by trees, boats play on the water, picnics are picked, and there are plenty of tools and venues for group and family outreach activities.If you are interested, tea picking, tea making, human CS, are more popular entertainment activities here.Fragrant valley in Chengdu around, is a beautiful lavender field, there is a large French Provence lavender, there is a magnificent purple flower sea!It was like entering a strange world, a country of flowers.There are European style houses, is the best shooting background, all kinds of photo, blockbuster, guarantee your circle of friends will be praised.