Embarrassed!Xiong Lei and Kai kai open live but revealed the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Du Xinzhi side refused daughter-in-law request

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Xiong Lei, after the death of Yao Ce also chose to do live with goods, when the opening of three stone ceramics, her mother-in-law Du Xinzhi also gave Xiong Lei a blessing.Du xinzhi and his wife also spent the Spring Festival with xiong Lei’s family during the recent Spring Festival holiday. When they returned home, Du xinzhi revealed on a live broadcast that she could not understand what the xiong family was saying, and that she could only speak dialects, not mandarin, as if she were living abroad.When Du Xinzhi returned to Henan this time, he took his grandson Kai Kai with him. It was said that He would take over Kai Kai at xiong Lei’s Lantern Festival. Anyway, Kai Kai was the grandson of Du Xinzhi and his wife.Just kai Kai this just be taken away, xiong Lei want son.When Xiong Lei opens video with his son Kai Kai, Du Xinzhi couple is taking Kai Kai to go winter swimming.In the video, Xiong Lei said several times to Kai Kai that it would be good to take his mother to the Lantern Festival. Kai Kai was still a child, how could he possibly take his mother to the Festival?It was clear that Xiong lei’s words were meant for Du, but Du didn’t seem to understand him and kept talking about unimportant things, such as how clear the water was.Seeing Du’s reaction, some people joked that Maybe Xiong lei was trying to express the good relationship between his mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, but he failed.I have to say, Kai Kai was also super happy when he went winter swimming with his grandparents.When mother Xiong Lei and Kai Kai video, but did not wait for Kai Kai’s answer, but has always been the old Du answer Xiong Lei, the dialogue between the two people, in fact, is the so-called answer is not the question!Seeing Kai kai’s reaction, Xiong Lei naturally did not give up and asked for three times in a row, saying that he would take his mother to the Lantern Festival. Unfortunately, he did not wait for Kai Kai’s reply.Kai Kai is really a poor child. His biological father Yao Ce has passed away. I believe that his son Kai Kai is the one yao Ce is most worried about.After all, Kai Kai has not grown up yet, so he does not have much idea of death. When he grows up, he is also worried about whether kai Kai will be discriminated against by teachers, classmates and parents because of his family problems.Xiong Lei’s past experience, in fact, or quite sad, but since xiong Lei and Xu Min fight for jiujiang real estate, really love xiong Lei not up!Xu Min couple raised Yao Ce 28 years of time, but in the end it is a basket of water!If it is not to cure yao Ce, Xu Min couple’s day should be more moist.Unfortunately, not all efforts can be rewarded.Xiong lei has chosen to be closer to his parents-in-law, but it remains to be seen whether Du xinzhi actually accepts xiong Lei as a daughter-in-law.