Is it a fact that “English” will be abolished?Peking University teachers express opinions, parents listen to speechless

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Guide language:Along with the development of The Times, English is increasingly common, some kindergarten also open up English course, because in the eyes of many people, English is a plus, learn English well not only can let children win at the starting line, also can let the child won the outstanding achievement in the university entrance exam, to enter the best university, not only that, the contemporary workplace,Many jobs require English skills and the pay is always good, so more and more people are trying to learn English well.Of course, there are also some people who think That English is not important and it is better to learn English well than to develop other skills. For some people who are not interested in English, it is desirable to remove English from the college entrance examination, so that they will not have unsatisfactory results in the college entrance examination due to the deviation of English scores.Is it a fact that “English” will be abolished?Peking University teachers express their opinions, parents listen to speechless for the phenomenon of the two polarization, a Peking University teachers advocate learning English, in fact, all kinds of development of life are good, on the contrary, if the lack of English this course, but not conducive to the overall development of people.In fact, the difficulty of Learning English depends on one’s learning ability.Many parents and students will be the responsibility of the result is not ideal to the difficulty of English, and think that Chinese people should learn Chinese, learn English doesn’t change anything, also with claims that removes English from the university entrance exam in the selection, let the students can better play to their abilities, little imagine, this kind of idea is wrong, English is not good for nothing,Having one more skill in a student is actually good for later development.The teacher said that learning English is not only good for improving students’ grades, but also for their future development in society after graduation.English has become an international language, people around the world are learning English, so it is relatively easy to seek a suitable high-salary job in the future, and some of our country’s institutional “iron rice bowl” jobs, in the entrance exam will involve the English test, so learning English is very necessary.English has been regarded as a main course since primary school. Since it is a main course, we need to treat it well. We should not give up learning English because we are not interested in English or have poor grades.English exists all around us. From kindergarten to primary school and even university, we have to face English every day. After graduation, English is widely used in the society.We should learn English well, which can not only improve our overall results and facilitate us to enter more excellent schools, but also for the entrance examination of some work career is beneficial.According to the survey, some English good people, have a own as when I was in college, when they graduated, some became famous translation, also some to become a good translator, diplomats, represents China to go to all parts of the country, this is a matter of how the introduction of pride.Learning English is not good for nothing, nor does it become the college entrance examination, it is more convenient we are looking for work in the future, a better foothold in the society, this is the role of learning English, learning English for itself a skill increases also is not do more harm than good, although has the certain difficulty to learn a language, but all things are need to crack difficult itself,Nothing is easy to learn.Learning is a fun, although there is no limit to learning, but we also need to find pleasure in suffering, correct their own state of mind, seriously to treat.Learning English can facilitate our communication and broaden our knowledge.With the continuous development of economy, more and more people will choose to travel or study abroad, if we don’t know the basic pronunciation, we may have to stay in our own country forever.Learning English can flexible our thinking, Chinese and English grammar is different, so we have a certain difficulty in learning, but if we can overcome this difficulty, the two languages in the transformation is undoubtedly flexible our thinking.When we overcome the difficulty, we will also exercise our own mentality when facing the problem. When we treat this problem seriously, over time, our concept and attitude to face the problem will change to some extent.Personally think that English is good for their own development, not because at that time the result is not ideal or unacceptable and resist the English, in one’s life, will encounter many problems, and is one of the difficulties in learning English, we should not choose to escape, but should choose to face the problem, solve the problem,Removing English from the gaokao alone will not solve the problem.