Is it true that poor children take charge early?There are four things you need to do to get over yourself

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I am weibo, click “follow”, every day to share your career survival, thinking progress, personal growth, we media writing tips.Is it true that “poor children take charge early”?Approaching the age of 30, micro language workplace found that “poor children early masters” this sentence is worth discussing.In fact, poor children master those basic livelihood skills, related to “staying alive”, not “turning over”.So why do poor children struggle?01. Late ripening.In fact, children from poor families tend to mature later in life, and they tend to lack perspective and control over major issues. Some may never escape the influence of their family of origin.For example, rich children of the same age are learning how to wash and cook when they travel around the world with their parents.For example, when rich kids of the same age are learning piano, violin, painting, design and other hobbies, they are learning how to mend clothes and how to discipline younger siblings.What they have mastered are basic survival skills, not maturity or vision.When we see those left-behind children with dull eyes, we always praise them for their innocence and strength, but they have no idea that their cognition of the world has been slower than the children of the same age.When these children grow up, they tend to focus their energy on hard work, but simply work hard and ignore the understanding and control of human nature, let alone respect and use of human nature, which is a difficult barrier to overcome;They may hate interpersonal relationships, and are full of contempt for normal social interactions, gift-giving and other behaviors, and even have a little self-respect.In the workplace, they either do not know how to behave and lose opportunities because they are not good at expressing themselves;Either they are easily credulous and often taken advantage of.02. Lack of trial and error costs.The environment the poor live in creates their own thinking and cognitive pattern, which determines their vision.For most of us, trial and error is rare and costly.Because of lack of resources, lack of information, in the process of trial and error frequently hit the wall, wear down the spirit of forging ahead.The rich have capital that gives them the courage to try and make mistakes, and they trade money for experience.They are more willing to trial and error, to consider the long-term development of the problem, positioning their career and value in all aspects.03. Lack of support and help.Those outstanding families are the result of the efforts of several generations of others.Because most ordinary people do not know how to plan, their own life is in a mess, let alone to give the next generation of correct advice and guidance, resulting in their children fumbling in the society for half a life, waste too much time.Because of the cognitive limitations of family members and relatives, they are more likely to help their children’s career and give some backward guidance;On the contrary, those rebellious children from poor families are more likely to succeed because they are free from the bondage of family.04. Time cost.In fact, the inheritance and understanding of the cognitive hierarchy requires capital and time accumulation.The easy success we see in others is the accumulation of quantitative changes of the previous generation who refused to be comfortable and worked hard, and kept trying and making mistakes, which happened to be manifested in his qualitative changes.Here, micro language workplace wants to introduce a principle — The Darke effect (Dunning Kruger effect), colloquially speaking, refers to a person on the road to the peak of wisdom, how to break the bottleneck period again and again, continue to accumulate, to enlightenment slope, to reach the peak of wisdom.Poor children want to change their fate, we have to rely on ourselves, after all, but poor, we have nothing to lose, right?If we want to rise, we need to constantly improve our awareness by doing the following four things: 1. Keep an empty cup mentality, keep learning, and keep accumulating information.Micro language mentioned learning, in fact, more performance in self-study, in fact, self-study is to master all the underlying logic of ability.In the context of “lifelong learning”, learning to teach yourself is itself more important than learning anything.Only through continuous learning can we accumulate information.Mr. Zhou Guoping said: All learning fundamentally, are self-study;In essence, all education is self-education.In an era of rapid change, industries are frequently replaced, and positions are constantly replaced by artificial intelligence. If you choose to stand still and refuse to learn, you are actually fighting against the whole era.For modern people, as long as a person wants to learn, information and resources can always be found through the Internet.Keep empty cup mentality, forge ahead, accumulate information continuously, in order to cope with the changing times, stand tall.2. Learn to think, give yourself permission to change, and upgrade your brain.We are constantly exposed to new knowledge and information through self-study, and we may find that many of our previous personal opinions are biased, or even many of our ideas have no scientific basis.This requires us to maintain the ability to think independently, to constantly update our old thinking, to grow into a better version of ourselves.In fact, it is an extremely painful process to deny our own ideas and reshape our thinking and cognition, but only in this way can we continuously improve ourselves.3. Follow the trend and believe in the power of believing.In fact, the birth of new things is enough to prove that it is in line with objective laws, and has its existence value and significance.Strong culture is the culture that follows the law of development of things and changes the status quo by its own efforts.There are benchmarks in every industry and new opportunities in every period. Understand that others succeed because they or their families have failed countless times before.If failure is something you must experience, why should you be afraid of it?Since the choice is the right one, don’t be afraid of the unknown, and don’t give yourself excuses for not trying.Please believe in the power of “believe”, because the pessimist is often right, the optimist is often successful.Give yourself confidence, but also give yourself faith.4. Master the secrets of resource integration.The workplace is like a battlefield, where the law of “battlefield” is to respect human nature, make use of human nature, accumulate contacts, absorb foreign resources crazily, and constantly integrate.To enter the society, we must steadily accumulate experience, read more and think more.However, it should be understood that the improvement of personal value is ultimately limited, while the integration of resources is infinite.Only by finding the way of resource integration can we realize the qualitative change of income model and realize the stratum transition.To sum up, if you want to improve your cognition, you can improve it from the following four dimensions: keep an empty cup mentality, keep learning and accumulating information;Learn to think, give yourself permission to change, and upgrade your brain.Keep up with the trend, believe in the power of “believe”;Master resource integration.Review of previous works: When your head is enlightened, realize these 15 points, do things will be like a duck in water 10 “mixed” society of worldly wisdom, understand the more mixed more open, don’t wait for a loss to wake up to the biggest success of ordinary people, is to jump out of the evaluation system of parentsMicro language workplace, enterprise level two human resource manager, with a calm, professional perspective to bring you a different perception, welcome to pay attention to exchange.Article original right, misappropriation will investigate!