Seven Unique songs and Four “Jiangnan Spring Morning”

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Seven unique, “Jiangnan spring early” (-) spring on the river credit willow a branch, sing Orioles call early painting boat crazy.The south of the dust are like a dream, or peach blossom like the old.Seven unique, “Jiangnan Spring early” (2) crisp wind qiao village village bank, song language bruits wheat long.Small hedge edge rest day night, an alpine rain negative castle peak.Seven unique, “Jiangnan Spring Early” (3) Nanpu perch fat march wind, spring fishing ferry boat light.Hunan sweater charming with gull dance, suddenly into the wu disappeared.Seven, “Jiangnan Spring Early” (four) Liuanfangtang smoke, a few slanting light word pressure tide canopy.Jianglang to canglang song, but fear the spring without the wind.@Xi Xi Soft water  Write poems according to the picture on 2022, 2, 12