“Soft ribs” has been knocked out, Dinmo this high stem article, 9.7 points all the way up!

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Fans, hello, welcome to xi Books, today xiaobian to push books for you, to solve the problem of book shortage, recently found a lot of novels, next let’s look at novels!”Soft ribs” has been knocked out, Dinmo this high stem article, 9.7 points all the way up!The first book: “soft ribs” author: Tuckahoe Pinellia introduction: he strong return, and her side many can play soy sauce small ball son.Ha ha, these years he missed into disease, she ran to get married and have children, the reverse is not?So someone starts doing everything, shamelessly and unscrupulously, until she’s driven to the wall.”Why don’t we settle old scores together tonight, sweetheart?”It’s really a story of choice and growth.PS: it’s “wife abuse, wife chase crematorium” series, I try to write a little favorite.Highlights: Zhong Ying’s whole person is excited, than ever signed a contract of hundreds of millions of excited.Zhong Ying cancelled the meeting in the afternoon and went off work in advance to have a full-body SPA and Facial treatment. When she got home, she took a bath with essential oil again, bathed and changed clothes, and stood naked in the wide cloaking room to choose clothes.There was a rush of lingerie sets, all styles, and she was pulling them out and laying them out on the bench.Consciously Tang Yaosen should like simple and pure a bit, finally chose the embroidery money of shallow purple, after wearing, stand in front of the mirror, mirror middleman thin waist narrow shoulder, belly also almost no fat, benefit from her so many years adhere to yoga, self-discipline food.The skin is also fair, no slack, after all, regular SPA beauty, the annual spending on this skin bag is astronomical for ordinary people, the only one is probably not satisfied with the moon.Thirty years, even if has been regular maintenance, but the natural law of gravity, irreversible.How does the purple girl Moon Yue-hun hold the slight sag and outward expansion of more than thirty years old.Zhong Ying stood in front of the mirror and looked at it again and again, but she was not satisfied with it. She had to put on a new set of black lace with steel rings. After fastening the belt, she had to push it to the middle twice to make sure nothing was wrong.Fenjie received a phone call at noon, zhong Ying asked her to prepare dinner, she worked all afternoon, more than four o ‘clock to get the ingredients ready, brought a bowl of sweet soup upstairs, the bedroom door closed, she knocked.”Here!(Click below to read for free) The second book: Zhi Ye by Ding Mo Introduction: At that time he was very poor, lost the game in a bad mood.She secretly bought him food and sent him to pull weeds in the yard.He squatted in the grass all over the ground, a face solemn and stirring: “Look, find sheng, this is I laid for you!”Xu Xun sheng: “idiot.”…Later, he walked out in front of thousands of people, the country behind him.All he wanted to ask was, “Can we continue to love?”Just like when you fell in love with me when I had nothing.Interesting content: Cenye is chewing gum, suddenly spit into the trash can, look up and say: “They are strong interesting, if they are soft, I feel so lonely.”His words made his brothers laugh and scold, but Cen Ye suddenly looked at Xu Xunsheng and said, “What do you think, Teacher Xu?”Xu search sheng lower the head activity ten finger changeless, look at a moment than he also yundan light: “their lyrics is to write very good, the scene atmosphere is about the same as when you play best, in fact, I think today they are also back to battle, play out the highest level.But big Bear is not as good as ono, and the whole spirit they want to express is still weak, not as bright and warm as you.With me, we have a 60% chance of winning.”Her words made all the boys start for a moment, and then her hat was plucked from her head and nearly fell off.When Ceno finished, he stood up and said, “Let’s see if I can turn 60 percent into 10 percent.”Xu xun sheng looked up just want to stare at him, but see other people face is the color of blood determinedly, just uneasiness tension already sweep and light, eyes had determination and kill meaning.Looking at Cenye again, his expression was different from others, different from usual, and more cold.They are hot, but he is the coldest.It’s like he doesn’t see any opponents.Come on stage.The bassist, the guitarist, the drummer, the keyboard player, went first, then the piano player, and Shino came last.Before walking out of the curtain, Xu Xunsheng heard a tsunami of applause and cheers.”Evening, evening…””Ono, ono…””Was not as loud and passionate as Haig’s fanbase, but even crazier.Xu Xunsheng suddenly heard the man behind him and said in a low voice, “Xu Xunsheng, follow Me today and kill gods and demons when I meet them.””…Good.”Xu Xunsheng lowered the brim of his hat, walked quickly to the far corner of the stage and sat beside the guqin.The audience was surprised and talked about the addition of an extra guitarist, but mostly curious and expectant.Xu search sheng is determined whole journey is low head, she is absolutely do not want to see his clear face, appear on the network.(Click below to read for free) The third book: “And kiss spy princess: Belly black cold emperor pet Heaven” author: Squeaks introduction: the past life is helpless pain society livestock, through the beauty of the dead wood and kiss princess, bold and strong, love and hate clear.He became deeply in love with Nan Luoyan from the original mission object, and helped him get rid of the empress Dowager’s control all the way to become the real king of the country. Finally, he chose to stay in the time-travel and become the queen.Exciting content: Pei Yuanxi raised his wet head to look around the people, and then waved his hand and said: “No, I have nothing to do, but delayed everyone’s end of the moon poetry meeting, we continue, don’t miss the time because of me.”Pei Yuan-xi stood up and said, “I really embarrassed your majesty today by having this slave kui take me home. I felt very guilty.”Nan Luoyan: “…”You know how to embarrass me?Now the civil and military officials all know that he has a woman so uncoordinated hands and feet, other concubines are all proficient in poetry, song fu, qin, chess, painting and calligraphy, but Pei Yuan-xi is like a silly woman.Small kui was also scared like a wooden person, knowing that the seeker he served had an accident, the reaction was half a beat slow to meet up, and then helped Pei Yuan-xi back to chenghuan Palace.The queen mother glanced sideways at Pei Yuan-xi, and then said to Nan Luo-yan with a serious heart, “If the emperor doesn’t take a good look at Pei Yuan-xi, people will not say beiqi is bad at his manners, but that our Country has no rules.””The queen mother is seriously ill, xiliang people are also frightened, don’t blame her.”Nan Luoyan looked at pei Yuanxi’s back, his eyes half narrowed. Did the woman have any plans?When the small kui helped pei Yuan-xi back chenghuan Palace, especially called a person to burn hot water to pei Yuan-xi bath.When Pei Yuanxi took a bath, he shrank his whole body into the wooden bucket, even burying his head in it, forcing the cold out of his body with the help of the hot water.I don’t know if her plan will succeed or not, but I lost the troublesome sachet, and now I have to see if The emperor Nannoh Diem will give her any trouble.After taking a bath, small kui got a little ginger sugar water for himself again.Pei Yuan-xi knew this too well, even the hot water and ginger and sweet water could not make her completely out of the cold, resulting in Pei Yuan-xi in the end of the moon today, finally caught a cold……(Click below to read for free) Well, today’s recommendation of xiaobian is here, like you can also pay attention to oh, take you to see different novels every day ~ pay attention to xiaobian, reading is not confused.