Speechless!Jiangsu a groom to meet, two relatives were the woman poured party, lying on the ground unconscious

2022-04-19 0 By

A few days ago, a groom in Nantong, Jiangsu province, took his relatives and friends to his wife’s home.At the scene of the reception, the woman’s family put down the door wine, requiring the man to drink the wine to marry the bride.In order to let the groom can successfully marry the bride, the husband’s two relatives stepped forward, for the bridegroom to block most of the wine.However, because the bride’s family put on a lot of wine, although the two relatives can hold their liquor, but can not afford to drink so much at once.When the groom managed to get through the drink to meet the bride, the two relatives suddenly seized and fell on the floor together, drunk and unconscious.Video footage can be seen dragging one of the relatives out of the house after he passed out.Upon arriving at the red carpet, the man threw his drunken relative down on the floor.On another red carpet nearby, another relative, also drunk, was unable to move, lying in the arms of others.”What kind of custom is this?Aren’t you afraid of getting killed?Let two people lie down on the floor?It’s too much.””Why get people drunk?Does she look so good?And it could easily happen! ‘”Why not help someone to the sofa or the guest room?Don’t you think there’s something wrong with being on the ground like this?”Objectively speaking, stop wine as a wedding custom, is not not to have, but the need to stop, and not have to force people really drink all the wine.This also block the custom, easy to hurt feelings not to say, but also easy to hurt the body, or even make people die.Why do such unpleasant things on the big day?Finally, I have to make fun of the custom of marriage in some places. It really needs to be corrected.What do you think?