Tao Junfeng, former military reporter of Xinhua News Agency, “Welcome spring” series 10: upstream of The Ming Lake during the Spring Festival

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[Applause][Rose][Thank you] Daming Lake in Jinan, the city of Spring, which is the “convergence” of springs [Rose] through the ages, the beauty of the many literati “folding” ha [laugh][Rose] Of course,Tao Lao “beauty shot” is the present, “lens” aimed at the public [praise][heart][thank you] need to be explained in advance is,This “welcome the New Year series of ten” with the previous slightly a little different – “spring flavor” thicker [praise][rose][laugh] I (Guo Lei) from the text and text of tao Lao clearly feel – everyone happy happy New Year’s beauty [rose] is in the heart “drunk beautiful spring” [thank][heart][bow] Tao JunfengTao Junfeng, former military reporter of Xinhua News Agency, speaks of the New Year.When I was a child, the Chinese New Year was in the 1950s, when China had just been liberated from the People’s Republic. The economy was poor and people lived in poverty.Recreational activities, no film, television to see, can only see the village amateur small troupe performance of Xiao Lu opera: borrow year, young black marriage and other programs.Children can only play firecrackers, playing top on ice, hide and seek and so on.Look at people’s well-off and happy life, chicken, duck and fish can enjoy every day, cars, TELEVISION, mobile phones almost everyone has.Especially to the lunar New Year, domestic and foreign tourism, to hainan tropical New Year……Famous mountains and rivers, places of interest.In the past two years, due to the epidemic, people can only travel near.You see the spring city daming Lake, boating to play, every day full, men and women, young and old, people mountain sea, really happy to play.I traveled more than 40 miles and took buses to Daming Lake twice to take pictures of people celebrating the Happy New Year.In 20 years, Chinese New Year may be celebrated on the moon.Ha ha…The following three friendsEulogy praise “poetry” (the pictures are shot TaoJunFeng) – the daming lake, composition for photography book topped peak/TaoJunShi one lake and the mountains on three sides by building all around four seasons siminghu flow more and New Year holidays family pan boat you swim I swim the lake also bibi ZhaMengZhou glimmering pearls white clouds into the lake spring scenery infinite at abundant siminghu – prophet Spring Festival to white water rafting mop water/FuYuSheng big eyeWide view of the spring city, boating on the Ming Lake thick spring.String of lights such as pearl pendant crown, willow bangs like sell meng.Billow sky depth of field, color temperature should thank the mist light.Take a selfie with your mouth covered. See your heart through your eye window.”Winter Olympics season daming Lake” article/Li Nairun you open the Olympic Games I refueling, you dance snow ice I swing boat.Sports have never known borders, and friends have always enjoyed great rewards.The red light reflects the five rings, and the green willow sprouts on three sides.Young eagle jumping platform spread wings, toddler tiger parade.