Tianyuan, Ding Hao nine sections worthy of the “Ke Jie successor”, all the way to crush rong Yi seven sections?

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If you want to talk about the most popular chess players in China at present, one is Ke Jie, two is Ding Hao.According to the Chinese Go Association, Ding hao’s ranking has now risen to second.Chinese Go tianyuan match 32 strong war, Ding Hao and Rong Yi meet again.Rong Yi 7th Dan, though also an international athlete, has reached the quarterfinals of the Samsung Cup in 2014 and the second Dream Lily Cup in 2015.But compared with Ding Hao, the gap is quite obvious.Just a start, black ding Hao nine sections began to play frequently vigorously diamond palm.To black 47 press, black not only got a lot of field on the right, but also got a valuable first hand.Black 49, it’s a blast.Mr. Takemiya Masaki saw this chess, will also applaud.There seems to be a problem.There is always a feeling of cowardice in this situation.With this hand chess form a sharp contrast is black 51 touch, absolutely domineering.Black 57 pick up, 59 fly, the field is yours, the external potential is also yours, big appearance is also yours.At this rate, what mood will White have to continue playing?White 84,86,90. Looks like a one-two punch.White 94 dozen, also received a son indeed.But all this, it seems, is in Black’s calculations.White’s combination really made black 7,85 very uncomfortable.But black 97,101 easy to discard, black immediately full of live.White 106, he went for it as hard as he could.But black 107 ignored it and went straight to the top left corner to open up a new battlefield?Black 117 big jump, black is far ahead.And left white 106 alone, feeling sorry for himself.As ke Jie 9 Dan was out of form for a long time, many pinned their hopes of defeating Shenzhen in Advance on Ding Hao.In advance of this ceremony, even the Advance of Shenzhen and Ding Hao are hard to resist.If had let Ding Hao nine section to participate in the heart of the cup, will put Japan and South Korea two teams killed, fled!You say that?