When diabetes “entangles” the body, the body will have 4 kinds of manifestations, after discovery, timely control of blood sugar

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China has got rid of the stage of extreme poverty, and people’s diet is getting better and better. However, that is why once diabetes is contracted, if the disease is not well controlled in the early stage, with the development of the disease, it is easy to induce all kinds of serious complications, even life-threatening.Therefore, in addition to actively preventing diabetes, we should also learn more about diabetes-related knowledge. Only in this way, when diabetes-related symptoms appear in the body, they can be detected and treated in time to avoid the occurrence of more serious diseases.So, what are the physical manifestations of diabetes?1, easy to hunger diabetes and other diseases in the performance of appetite is very different, many diseases occur, the patient can appear the performance of appetite loss, but if suffering from diabetes, the patient will have the performance of appetite increase;This is because diabetics lose a lot of sugar in their body and lack energy, which leads to an increase in appetite, which in turn leads to an increase in blood sugar, and the two affect each other.2. Patients with abnormal urination diabetes can have increased urine volume. The daily urination volume can be as high as 3000~4000 ml, and the number of urination is significantly increased.In addition, the patient’s urine can also appear white or yellow phenomenon, urine can have a sweet and sour taste, if the above symptoms, also want to go to the hospital in time for examination.3. Frequent thirst is also one of the most obvious symptoms of diabetes. Even if patients drink more water, their symptoms will not be significantly improved.As mentioned above, diabetic patients may have the symptoms of polyuria, which will lead to a large amount of water loss in the body, resulting in thirst. If the patient cannot replenish water in time, once the water loss reaches 10%, it will cause symptoms such as thirst, fatigue and palpitations, and even life-threatening water loss.4. Fatigue and fatigue Early patients with diabetes often have symptoms of fatigue and fatigue. No matter what you do, you can’t lift your spirits.The reason for this is that diabetics do not produce enough insulin to effectively use the body’s sugar, and their cells do not have enough energy supply, which naturally results in these symptoms.So what about diabetes?1. Drug treatment of diabetes is a chronic disease that requires long-term treatment.Once diabetes develops, patients need to take hypoglycemic drugs under the guidance of a doctor to keep their blood sugar within normal range, and in severe cases, insulin injections may be required.Life conditioning in addition to drug treatment, life conditioning is also essential.Diabetic patients should be strict with themselves on diet, eat less high-sugar and high-fat food, pay attention to light diet, and control the total calories consumed every day.In addition to being active in physical activity, exercise can improve insulin sensitivity, which helps to better control blood sugar.In short, the arrival of diabetes will not be quietly, we should pay special attention to their own health in life;If the above symptoms occur, we should be vigilant about whether the blood sugar is caused by high blood sugar. We should go to the hospital to measure blood sugar in time. Once the blood sugar is found to be too high, we should deal with it in time and keep the blood sugar within the normal range through drug treatment, life conditioning and other ways to avoid the occurrence of complications.