Xianning built the first large sports complex outdoor playground, basketball court, football field, indoor competition hall and so on all have

2022-04-19 0 By

Xianning network news (reporters see bo) recently, the reporter learned from the city natural resources and planning Bureau, by Xianning Hengli culture and sports development Co., Ltd. investment construction of buried hill sports culture park is under construction.The project is located next to Country Garden Hotel on Maili Hill Road, with a total investment of 100 million yuan. It is divided into three phases, namely sports park phase I, phase II and tennis park.The total area of about 155 mu, the total construction area of 20000 square meters, mainly divided into outdoor playground, basketball court, football field;Indoor competition hall, indoor comprehensive training hall;International Weiqi Cultural Exchange Center, home of athletes and coaches, parking Spaces and an outdoor 800-meter circular track.It is understood that the project for zhuhai first large sports complex, refer to places such as shenzhen, Shanghai sports park construction standards, in accordance with the “leading domestic and international vision, xianning characteristic” overall development concept, by means of the buried hill is superior natural conditions, will make have distinct symbols, strong local characteristics of sports complex.Reporters at the scene saw that drainage facilities and earth backfill has been completed, several construction workers are on the site for garbage removal and retaining laying, is expected to restart around the Lantern Festival.Rao Jun, who is in charge of the project, told reporters that the construction of the indoor competition hall, home for athletes and coaches and some outdoor venues will be completed in October this year. The outdoor sports venues will be open to the public free of charge by 2024.