Yang Mi big cold day does not wear clothes well, coat drooping to show a small vest, with leather pants quite personality

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Just simple coat wearing is also quite a wearing skills, for example, can be designed into a very short match will be very good to highlight the perfect figure.And can also be designed as a cool fashion jacket version, the main color of the design into a black and white cross circular pattern will have a very lasting fashion.And can build its inside also undertaking very good decorate, sexy pure white is built inside and the slim trousers outfit that bright coriaceous design rises is tie-in the black shoe that follows fine tall to give modern characteristic.So to understand the magic of outerwear, take a look at Yang Mi’s very unique outfit.Yang Mi big cold day does not wear clothes well, coat drooping to show a small vest, with leather pants quite personality.Yang Mi’s wear is incredibly in the winter incredibly also very sexy, the coat flopped wear actually also revealed a sleeveless vest is extremely revealed the effect.Loose coat but extremely special, with loose and jacket version with black and white matching tones, black and white with the odd embellishments will work well.At the same time, it is designed to be loose-fitting sexy version, while wearing leather tights and pointy black heels, with cool sunglasses is extremely personalized.Yang Mi’s fashionable and temperament-highlighting jacket wears a striped fancy jacket with a loose feeling on the version of the jacket, but it also has a tight design on the basis of the jacket, and the jacket color is still very cool.On the basis of the black keynote is also matched with silver will make the black instantly become bright, and the silver design into delicate florets as the highlight of the silver color has characteristics.At the same time, because the length of the jacket is short and with a sense of pithy, the short jacket will become longer legs and make its own advantages become a little more slim.So the coat is not casual wear oh only through exquisite materials and patterns will be effective.How does Yang Mi match such a distinctive coat?A sexy white tank top is paired with leather slim-fit pants and it will be a trick to wear a jacket with a very short style with little silver flowers.For instance, the dress that light color fastens in collocation can be built inside its, the effect that can let whole body looks so depressing.But also can be matched with the broadband sub design of slim light vest, but also its coat design into a half-wear matching coat so that even a long coat also has a sexy component.It is also paired with leather slim-fitting trousers on top of a short coat, while leather smooth leather trousers will accentuate the figure.Messy looks and cool embellishments are paired with a trendsetting jacket with a tight tail. Remove the skintight light tank top and skintight leather slim pants, and pair them with stiletto navy shoes for sheer glamour.At the same time also its modelling design has the messy effect very much, along with the long modelling and black hair color and extremely many amount will be very enviable, at the same time also collocation is used to pack cool sunglasses.It’s got a reflective effect every now and then and it’s got a magical queen aura.Yang Mi also wears a jacket to show her figure, revealing a knitted vest looks quite full, but wearing leather pants is not fat.Even if it is to cover the whole body to wear Yang Mi also do not forget to show his dominant figure, with sexy light color vest will be very full figure highlighted.Still at the same time outside its collocation is worn to contain the deep black cool extreme jacket that is decorated with argent flower, and still under its collocation is worn tight the slim trousers with the material that the dumb skin pledges pledges, what can let fine crus show is extremely rich advantage feeling, the slightest is not fat still can let sunglasses highlight a magical cool female temperament.The design of the jacket is really a combination of leisure and looseness. The looseness of the jacket completely hides the slim figure, especially the length and the exaggerated degree of the cuff.And the pattern design of the coat is well embellished, with a white pattern embellished with large lettering on top of black and the sleeves in pale tones to instantly look like a stylish baseball suit.Feel the length of baseball suit seems to become a short skirt will have a kind of sexy highlight, casual collocation with a casual design with a design inside the build and tall white sneakers can be.Extremely wide suit suit and jacket can also wear a very public feeling, the jacket design is very loose and long coat, will be completely designed into the version of the baggy effect will have a very neutral effect.And a loose version like this only needs a dark black hue to work.At the same time casually collocation is wearing loose trousers to be able to have neuter glamour very much, can have neuter glamour not only and look carefully actually have the effect of clever girl.Short denim + leather skirt or you can also choose a cool short denim jacket, a dark blue color with the simplest version will be enough, because the more classic version will make it easier to stand out.This can be paired with a brick-red interior, and paired with a very short skirt with a slightly glossy leather design and sexy black heels, it’s really sexy and cool girl chic again.The design of fashionable summary coat is also to distinguish a variety of styles, for example, the temperament that can highlight its coat can be designed into a cool fashion sense, and it can be designed into a dark blue short denim coat.This can be worn with a variety of styles, including wide-leg trousers with vertical stripes or a short leather skirt.