A proposal to ban fireworks during the Spring Festival of 2022 in Shiqian County

2022-04-20 0 By

Public friends: The Spring Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation, we used to set off fireworks to celebrate the festival, add festive atmosphere.However, a large number of fireworks can cause serious air pollution and noise pollution, and there are also great safety risks.In order to make our city cleaner safer, more pure and fresh air, personal property, the general public, please act now, starts from oneself, start from now, start from the side, say goodbye to fireworks, develop low carbon, green, civilized, healthy lifestyle, here, we sent the county citizens friend initiative: a, according to the law, starts from oneself.Strictly abide by laws and regulations, do not illegally buy, set off fireworks, do not illegally transport, store, deliver, sell and carry fireworks, take good care of the appearance of the city, maintain the city order, strive to be civilized and law-abiding citizens, show the good quality and good image of the Shiqian people with practical actions.Advocate new wind, start from now.Enter the new era, advocate new fashion, adhere to “practice strict economy, bid farewell to bad habits”, electronic firecrackers, festive music, hanging lanterns and other safer, more environmentally friendly way, instead of the traditional setting off fireworks, vigorously create civilized, law-abiding, low-carbon, green, environmental protection of life new fashion.Three, propaganda and persuasion, start from the side.The general public, especially leading cadres and party members, should actively publicize the concept of banning fireworks and firecrackers, persuade their families, neighbors and relatives to abide by the “Notice of shiqian County People’s Government on banning fireworks and firecrackers in urban areas”, ban fireworks and firecrackers, and jointly protect the environment.Do civilized citizens, do not set off fireworks, start from you and me, start from now, with their own practical action, for the construction of environmental protection, safety, health of the Shiqian to make their own contribution, together through a safe, peaceful, festive, clean Spring Festival.”Today Shiqian” and “Micro Shiqian”, timely, accurate and authoritative, make life more convenient!Sponsor: Shiqian Rong Media Center (County Radio and TELEVISION station) Editor: Yang Li Editor: Dai Zhongguo Editor-in-chief: Ma Xiaoming Supervisor: Huang Yunxia News hotline: 0856 — 7650445