Canadian immigration backlog to be ‘cleared’ in 2022

2022-04-20 0 By

Recently, Sean Fraser, Canada’s immigration minister, announced that the government would clear the backlog by the end of the year and get the immigration process back on track, as the outbreak has caused a huge backlog of immigration applications and long waits for those seeking status in Canada.Sean Fraser says immigration benefits all Canadians – it helps grow our economy.Throughout the pandemic, new immigrants have played a vital role in addressing some of our worst Labour shortages.Canada has overpromised “, is not literally say, after all, nearly two years in Canada basic commitment to cash, this time is not exceptional also, backlog will have specific measures: c $85 million earmarks, speed up the approval Canadian government proposed to provide the new capital of $85 million, to support the hiring more employees, reduce inventory application.The IRCC will employ approximately 500 new processing personnel, the use of digital trial and redistribute work between offices around the world, and return before the end of the year visa processing service standards, including the study permit, work permit and permanent resident card renewal, and will try to shorten the processing time of a visitor visa and citizenship certificate.It should be noted that family reunification applications are not included in the list, as this category has already met the standard one-year processing time target.The minister also promised to publish more accurate processing times on the government’s website.The Canadian government is piloting a program that will allow 10 to 20 percent of permanent resident applicants to submit their applications online.As soon as this summer, all permanent resident applications will be available online (except for those who must provide paper forms).In 2022, the pilot will be expanded with the launch of a new permanent resident application Tracker that allows all applicants to easily access their application information and status online.In addition, Immigration Canada has set up a separate portal to allow PR applicants in Canada to complete the PR application process online and obtain a Maple Leaf card.Applicants can declare that they are in Canada, provide a Canadian postal address, and upload photos from their computer or mobile device. Immigration can complete their log-in process online and send a PR card.In addition, with about 600,000 people approved for naturalization still waiting to participate in citizenship ceremonies, Ms. Fraser said the government wants to expand virtual citizenship ceremonies so that people are not caught between being approved and actually becoming Canadian citizens.In 2021, Canada welcomed a record 405,000 permanent residents and approved 500,000 permanent residence (PR) applications, but border restrictions and other factors still cause delays in many applications.The immigration department is further increasing its processing capacity and plans to make 147,000 final permanent residence decisions in the first quarter of 2022, double the number in the same period last year.IRCC is currently improving the efficiency of its temporary resident visa (TRV) application process by expanding the use of advanced data analytics.The digital system will classify all TRV applications, identifying and processing simple routine applications.The system can speed up the evaluation of regular documents by 87 percent, allowing some applicants to receive hearing decisions more quickly.Speed up the process of dealing with the immigration backlog, while strengthening the immigration intake, 2022 is undoubtedly a good year to emigrate to Canada!Canadian immigration program free evaluation, please contact brother!