Ccau Futong 2021 annual work summary and advanced commendation conference successfully concluded

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Taurus bids farewell to the old year, jade Tiger welcomes the New Year.On January 25, 2022, CAU Futong held the 2021 annual work summary and Advanced Commendation Conference smoothly, reviewed the achievements made in the past year, commended the outstanding employees emerging in the work, and made important arrangements for the New Year’s work.The conference was conducted online and offline, and all the staff of CAU Futong and specially invited experts and professors attended the conference.At the meeting of 2021 outlook 2022, the principals of each business segment of the company respectively summarized and reported the implementation of the company’s strategy in 2021, and made an in-depth analysis of the completion of the operation work in 2021, the achievements and lessons achieved, the problems and difficulties existing in the work, and proposed improvement measures.At the same time, we made a scientific analysis of the development situation in 2022, formulated a work plan and goals, and set a clear direction for high-quality development in the New Year.Meeting special invited de-chun zhang, a researcher at the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences institute of vegetables, flowers, fruit tree research institute researcher keen Beijing forestry, party school of the former vice President of China agricultural university, college professor Li Hua marxism, China agricultural university, yantai institute of former vice President, executive director of middle peasants fortis business school and tree,Zhai Liushuan, Associate professor of College of Economics and Management, China Agricultural University; Meng Fanxi, professor of China Agricultural University, former dean and Party Secretary of College of International Studies of China Agricultural University; Hong Ruling, teacher of College of Economics and Management of China Agricultural University.All the experts highly appreciated the achievements of CAU Futong in 2021, and put forward valuable suggestions for the work of CAU Futong in 2022. They hoped that CAU Futong would make more achievements in the New Year.Professor at China agricultural university, China agricultural university, agricultural planning science institute, middle peasants fortis chief expert tian-zhu zhang on the company’s 2021 annual work are summarized, the year the achievements of the joint efforts of all staff to be sure, to gain the honor of giving praise and encourage, and said the honor cannot leave the social people from all walks of life support.At the same time, it analyzed the gaps and deficiencies in the work, and made important arrangements for the work of 2022.In 2022, we will continue to stay true to our original aspiration and forge ahead. Professor Zhang Tianzhu sent a New Year message to all the staff and expressed his best wishes to them and their families.In 2021, in the face of severe challenges and tests for the development of the enterprise, the company closely around the strategic goals, work together, actively explore, emerged a number of love and dedication, practical and diligent, innovative, outstanding outstanding employees, in order to commend advanced, set an example, encourage progress,After the annual assessment, democratic selection, department recommendation, general manager office review, the selection of 2021 outstanding employees.The conference issued a number of awards such as Advanced Worker and Most Responsible Award, Best New Talent Award, Practical and Diligent Award, Love and Dedication Award, Innovation and Struggle Award, Technical Innovation Award, Positive Progress Award, Service Model Award, Dedication award and so on.The company’s leaders, experts and professors presented the award certificates to the winners and took photos for them, hoping that they could make persistent efforts and create more achievements in 2022.Stride forward to the future hand in hand.In 2022, CAU Futong will make persistent efforts, innovate and forge ahead, integrate talents and scientific and technological resources, focus on one-stop agricultural high-tech services, and make continuous progress on the road to build a benchmark enterprise in the agricultural industry, jointly start a new journey and strive for a new future.