Chinese New Year garden Tour, civilized tourism becomes “new scenery”

2022-04-20 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday, many citizens choose to get close to nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery, and civilized tourism has become a common consensus.Today (February 4) at 9:30 am, the reporter saw in front of the qiuxiapu, tourists under the guidance of the staff, consciously interval one meter line, strictly implement the “scan code + temperature + wear masks” epidemic prevention measures, orderly into the park.Enter the scenic spot, “protect the ecological environment, create green civilization”, “Civilized tourism behavior convention”, “No climbing, pay attention to safety” and other signs or slogans at a sight.At a glance, there is hardly any garbage or cigarette butts on the ground, and the environment is clean and tidy.”I have worked as a volunteer for several years and have personally experienced the improvement of citizens’ awareness of civilized tourism.”Li Hongying, a volunteer of autumn Xiapu Civilization, told reporters that “uncivilized behaviors such as littering and picking plants, which were common in the past, are almost extinct now.”It is worth mentioning that the upgrade completed last year autumn xia nursery video monitoring system, also to advocate civilized tourism quite effective.”If the management personnel find any uncivilized behavior of tourists in the monitoring room, they will immediately notify the nearest staff through the intercom to arrive and deal with it.”City hair group construction management center park greening department manager Yang Jing told reporters.In zhouqiao Old Street, colorful lights are hung high, filled with a festive atmosphere everywhere, and rolling electronic screens are set up prominently to remind tourists to do their own epidemic prevention work and regulate personal behavior.The reporter saw that while the weather was fine, many tourists sat by the lake to enjoy food, one of them carrying a white plastic bag aunt attracted the attention of the reporter.”The scenic spot is so clean, and we have a responsibility to maintain good environmental hygiene, so I brought my own garbage bags, so I can take the leftover food and packaging away.”Aunt Zhang told reporters.Jiading states Jiang Yan bridge scenic area operation management co., LTD. General manager, told reporters that in order to guide the tourists travel civilization, maintain good scenic spot environment, during the Spring Festival, state bridge old street, increased security guards and cleaning staff of “security personnel 24 hour patrol inspection, during the opening to the outside world, will also to discourage uncivilized behavior of tourists.”Here, Xiaojia also reminded the general public tourists, when going out to play must wear masks, strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control of scenic spots, shopping malls, and consciously regulate personal behavior, accompanied by civilization all the way, let “civilization” and “tourism” like shadow.Source: Jiading, Shanghai