Common diseases, pest prevention and treatment of orchids

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Good orchid once catch disease, or light person is not beautiful, heavy person says goodbye with you directly!Is also the source of many orchid friends headache, but we carefully restore the analysis of the cause, in fact, there are traces to follow.The following are common insect pests of orchids: 1. Scale insect 2. Red spider 3.Snails generally orchid friends encounter these insects, there is no need to panic, if it is a small amount of wet towel wipe, if it is a large area is ok, do not hit medicine!Some orchid friends see here may feel very strange!The reason is that these insects belong to parasitic reproduction, the effect of medicine is fast, but not necessarily eradicated.What I do is soak the yellow nicotine out of the tobacco and spray it on the leaves to kill all the pests, because that kills the eggs too.This method is also suitable for fruit trees and other flowers, and harmless to people, harmless to flowers!They kill almost all pests.Before some orchid friends will be hard medicine, all kinds of pesticides and pesticides, in fact, this varies from person to person.I advocate environmental protection all the time avirulent kill insect way is to have certain reason, especially the friend of the city, indoor raise orchid, air conditioning room raise orchid, chemical fertilizer pesticide can be used less with less, to the plant harmful thing also has harm to the person commonly, this is my shallow view!Orchid common disease: 1. Anthracnose 2. Stem rot 3. Black rot 4.I raise orchid a few years, in fact, met a anthrax, also a seedling, cut off the leaf is good, did not do too much operation, what disinfection spray I did not, just put in a more ventilated place, it is naturally good.It hasn’t happened again.Actually encounter these above also need not worry too much, except stem rot is more serious.Generally, stem rot will slowly cause reed head and false bulb to rot and turn black, and then gradually fade grass. Some orchid friends will use cutting or soaking, if the effect is very small.Stem rot can also be contagious, so you need to pay attention to changing POTS and watering water quality. Some stem rot may also be caused by their own failure to control water in a timely manner in rainy days.When I encountered this disease, I decided not to disinfect it, but to dry the root system and reed head. If the rotten parts were completely removed and only the fresh parts were left, I would put them on the pot for observation. If it was not possible, I could only give up the whole orchid immediately!No matter be insect pest or disease, there are some common ground, the environment that raises orchid is pervious to light, wind, humidity, sanitation has a problem!So it’s very easy to breed these diseases.It is suggested that lanyou must pay attention to environmental hygiene and clean regularly.Orchids in the wild also have these problems, but the difference lies in that the ventilation and water permeability in the wild are incomparable to our indoor, so even if orchids are sick, they can almost recover quickly.Finally a bit, not be all black spot, yellow spot is sick on behalf of orchid, have a plenty of new become metabolization, have a plenty of plant nature is ageing, do not see orchid to have a problem be disease by mistake.