Each county has KPI: group to the city to see the house!The first shots were fired in yulin, Guangxi Province

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Yulin in Guangxi province has become a hot city recently.Just entered the year of 2022, Yulin has issued a series of policies to “accelerate the population into the city”, coupled with the purchase of preferential policies, the intensity is amazing.Policy, Yulin began a vigorous “pull people into the city”, the counties almost carpet to pull people, a wave of viewing group into yulin downtown.”Carpet” pull people into the city to see houses in Yulin, Guangxi, “pull people into the city” recently spread widely.In particular, after Yulin launched the policy of “accelerating population entering cities”, the subordinate counties and cities of Yulin, such as Luchuan County, Beiliu City, Xingye County and Bobai County, responded positively and made frequent actions in order to fulfill THEIR KPI.Many places to carry out activities, organize the masses to yulin city to see houses.For example, Rongxian city in Yulin city inaugurated a population into the city service station;Bobai County set up “accelerate the population into the city work headquarters”;Luchuan county issued “on organizing the masses to Yulin urban area to see the house” work plan, every Tuesday, Friday to arrange 1 to Yulin urban area to see the house……At present, yulin’s subordinate counties and cities have basically rolled out their policies in an all-round way, and a house-watching group has been killed to the downtown area of Yulin.On February 16, beiliu Senior High School, led by the principal, organized a group of nearly 30 people to visit yulin.At the end of January, Baima Town, Beiliu City, min ‘an town, through the bottom screening, has organized more than 50 people, composed of cadres, the masses of the house;Rong county even organized a group of 120 people to visit downtown Yulin on Jan. 29…Even, a kindergarten teacher in Beiliu city also called on parents in the group, if there is an intention to Yulin house on the registration of sweep code…I asked some friends from Yulin about the implementation of the policy of “population entering cities” in Yulin.Friend A’s father is A civil servant in A subordinate town of Yulin. Although he has not known the document in detail, he intends to visit the house in Yulin after the promotion of his colleague.Friend B’s relative is a teacher in a senior middle school in Beiliu city. The question of “whether to go to Yulin or not” has aroused discussion among family members.My friend C, who is from Bobai, doesn’t pay much attention to his work because he is “too busy to look at his phone”.It was revealed that some counties and cities allocated the index to each township, and even a village “buy a house” index as many as 70-80 people, there are additional rewards for completing the index.In addition, some county real estate intention customers, also by the policy “brought” to the yulin urban area.In less than two months from the official release of the policy on December 31, 2021, the policy has been fully implemented with vigor and vitality.Can be called “carpet” to pull people to Yulin.Yulin seems really worried.Buy a house to send a job, only you can not think of guangxi Yulin action of the big, fierce strength, it is rare in the major cities.All this, from yulin to speed up the population into the city “ten measures”.”Ten measures”, including a number of housing preferential policies can be said to be heavy.Including: financial subsidies for house purchase, 50% financial subsidies for deed tax, provide 10,000 jobs, arrange compulsory education degree, can apply for housing provident fund loans, etc.You are right, Yulin even buy a house “send jobs”, “send degrees” such operations are used.Yulin offered to preferentially recommend more than three jobs to “unemployed new citizens who buy houses in cities”, with a salary no lower than yulin’s minimum wage standard and a free training in employment skills.Other policies are also impressive.Take the housing subsidy as an example, to buy commercial housing of less than 90 square meters, a subsidy of 6000 yuan per set;More than 90 square meters each set of subsidy 10,000 yuan.You think this is the end?In response to Yulin’s policy, counties and cities added county-level incentive policies on the basis of the “ten measures”.For example, Rong County proposed that after February 2022, the county finance will give 10,000 yuan to the top five owners who buy houses in yulin urban area every month.▲ Rongxian county plus additional preferential policies in Yulin Bobai County on the basis of preferential policies to buy houses, the development of the county level in 12 aspects of policy preferences……In addition, there are individual additional release of real estate concessions, such as Yulin Country Garden Yudong House outside the release of the normal price is 5800 yuan/square meters, for the north migrant town buyers, the average price of 4428 yuan/square meters, plus 28,000 yuan can also get a car property parking space.This also pours to accord with Yulin simply agile, dare to rush dare to do character.Yulin’s efforts to “attract people to the city”, how do local people view?Yulin friends around me said that, among other things, Yulin organized people to visit the city so aggressively, and also solved the employment, children to go to school, and “send money” and other measures, almost “complete supporting services”.If masses have intention to buy a house in Yulin really, it is rare opportunity really.However, some people believe that yulin is not far away from each county, which takes less than half an hour by car, and the people who “settle down and re-move” do not have a strong desire to “go to town”.It will take time to see how effective Yulin’s vigorous policy will be.What’s the matter, Yulin?Yulin made such a move, in fact, is not unexpected.Looking back at the property market in Yulin in 2021, although the overall sales area has slightly increased, the actual turnover is not ideal.Data from Yulin Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau show that in 2021, the sales area of commercial housing in Yulin will be 6.5555 million square meters, up 0.7% year on year;But the city’s commercial housing sales contract record area of 4.03442 million square meters, down 23.34% year on year.House prices in Yulin are also falling.Among them, the average price of the overall commercial housing in Yulin was 4920 yuan /㎡, down 4.68% year on year;The average price of Yulin urban area was 5403 yuan /㎡, down 3% year on year.▲ Yulin 2021 housing prices appear to decline (Yulin Evening News), and rui statistics show that yulin in 2021 sales area of 1.22 million square meters, a year-on-year decline of up to 39.7%, the decline ranked first in Guangxi.Although the real estate market is not ideal, but in contrast, Yulin has a solid industrial foundation for a long time, cultivating a series of well-known brands such as Yuchai and Yulin Pharmaceutical, and the local economic development is fairly good.In 2021, Yulin’s GDP was 207.061 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 9.9%, ranking fourth in Guangxi, next only to Nanning, Liuzhou and Guilin.▲ Yulin’s GDP ranks fourth in Guangxi with sound economic fundamentals, which gives it the confidence to make policies for the city and has sufficient financial resources to subsidize.Three objectives can be achieved by “accelerating the population entering the city” : (1) promoting the “inventory clearance” and increasing the rate of commercial housing destocking in the main urban area of Yulin;② Solve the problem of employment and assist economic development;(3) “grab people”, retain people, attract more people to cities, realize the demographic dividend.According to the Guangxi Bureau of Statistics, the registered population of Yulin in 2020 was 7.411,500, while the permanent population was 5.8041 million. Many People from Yulin are rushing out of the city.According to Baidu migration big data, Yulin ranks 82nd among the most popular moving places in China, and 2nd in Guangxi, second only to Nanning.The annual population relocation scale can reach 200,000 to 300,000 people.▲ Yulin is the second popular place of emigration in Guangxi If this policy is effective, it will really promote the urbanization of Yulin.Yulin’s move is neither the first nor the last.Many cities in Guangxi and even the whole country have issued encouragement policies related to real estate.Guangxi, Guilin city, Guigang city, Guiping city and other favorable housing purchase preferential policies, such as purchase subsidies, full subsidies deed tax, etc..Nanning in the fifteenth session of the second session of the National People’s Congress, then put forward the appropriate reduction of two sets of mortgage down payment proportion.▲ Nanning will appropriately reduce the second set of mortgage down payment ratio in addition, Nanning also increased the provident fund loan quota, promote the optimization of differentiated credit policies.The same is true across the country, many cities have introduced quite “attractive” housing policies.Fuzhou, Fujian province, reduced the down payment ratio of two provident fund loans from 60% to 40%;Luzhou, Sichuan, to give a talent housing subsidy of up to 2 million yuan per person;Zhuhai, Guangdong province, the highest subsidy for talent even reached 6 million yuan……The real estate market has experienced a winter, is gradually showing signs of warming.More important than the local signals are the signals coming out of macro trends.From the national level, also began to relax restrictions on the real estate industry to restore the purchase demand.For example, on January 14, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a Notice on Promoting Consumption in the near future, which explicitly mentioned “promoting the healthy development of housing consumption”.On January 20, the National Conference on Housing and Urban and Rural Development called for “fully releasing consumer demand for housing”.That day, the central bank announced that the 5-year LPR fell by 5 points;The real estate market has been weak for a long time in the past two years, and policies are needed to inject vitality and encouragement into it.Yulin is very anxious to return to spring, we also hope that the spring of the industry will come as soon as possible.Author | linghu silurian onion edit | small five like school district surfaced as the five major unsolved, the first one can make you itch nanning set small goals, metro line 6 Wu Ming line today next year starts to tell everyone about a horror story, “I have six suites in nanning” bat “pre-sale funds, nanning new sword refers to the insurance pay floor against the housing low airport line of the subway line 6 Wu Ming line” again “, who is able to qualify