Even the rainy weather leaked out of a sunny day, jiangcheng old and young qi out to embrace the sun

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God finally showed mercy, in the months of rain leaked a sunny day!Since January 20, open eyes is rain and snow weather, the world has become gloomy, my heart has become heavy.It was chilly and wet everywhere.I can’t go out, I can’t go shopping, I can’t go fishing, I’m confined to a room, I’m confined to a few steps, and I go crazy.They say spring hits six or nine heads.However, we do not feel a wisp of spring.Winter, became the 2 mix son of dead skin and shameless, let you how loathing, curse, scold, it does not go namely.Today, the long-lost sunshine finally breaks through the thick clouds to brighten the world and warm our hearts.Go on, embrace the sunshine!The people of the small town almost moved.In the sports square, I met my colleague Xiao Feng.He wheeled his paraplegic mother.Today, he said, the sun had come to his rescue.A few days ago, mother trapped in bed, urine and feces incontinence, home has no change of sheets and clothes.He was in despair day and night.Today, he has a smile on his face and she is in a good mood.Through the sports square, onto the river embankment, they heard the sand forest from the old uncles and aunts singing.A speaker, a microphone, and a stand for the phone constitute a simple karaoke.Singing aloud, dispelling the anger of staying indoors, singing of the joy of bathing in the sun, of welcoming the spring, of the joy and happiness of their generation.Although the pronunciation is not correct, but their kind of dedication to the spirit, really moving.Those classic tunes, evoke how many 60 after 70 after the vicissitudes of memory ah?The pond in the park is as clear as a mirror.Winding red Bridge repose on it, leisurely people busy leisurely shaking.This moment of leisure, this moment of joy, this moment of ease, all in that blooming smile and easy steps.The boulder at the water’s edge attracts naughty children.Climbing, showing courage;Release is unrestrained tong Qu tong zhen.Parents who rarely accompany can have such relief!When we were young, climb trees pound bird’s nest, pick mulberries, steal peaches, water touch fish and shrimp, fight water wars, than diving, how comfortable, how carefree!The sandpit attracts a lot of cute kids.Under the leadership of the long at home, digging sand pit, panning sand, so concentration, so input!A sandpit, in the eyes of children, is a wonderful world of endless fun.The children are suffocating at home!Have so much fun, this kind of fun, both belongs to them, also belongs to bao Ma Bao dad!At that moment, the little castle was overjoyed.Laughter continued.Children in the pursuit of sunshine, parents followed all the way.Tired to sit, accept sunbathing, thirsty to drink their own water, a good time in laughter quietly flowing.Retired bombers are the most special sights.To take photos and feel the main battle equipment of the Chinese Air Force at that time, how can I not have a lot of emotion when I think about today’s quiet years?It has become a patriotic education base, where children see airplanes and understand national defense.The old aircraft will not fade after retirement, continue to play their spare heat, the people will always remember their exploits!Decommissioned warships also lie quietly beside the river.Once brave the wind and waves, galloping vast maritime territory, guarding the long territorial sea line, made immortal contributions.We could not board the ship, but standing on the shore, we could still feel his magnificence.By completing his mission, he became a member of the patriotic education base.The Yangtze River became his final destination, but I believe that his heart will always jump to embrace the sea.I saw the children standing on the shore, facing the southeast wind, basking in the warm sunshine, their eyes sending out clear yearning.What kind of boat is this?When will it be anchored here?The river rippled and kissed the hull.Who is he waiting for?Or are you resting for the Spring Festival and waiting for the whistle to set sail?In the middle of the river, a ship was sailing upstream.Today is only the fifth day!The boatman went to work!Hats off to the busy workers.River scale wave shimmering, the other side of the general Mountain, proudly standing.For many years, the river walks from the foot of the mountain, and the mountain sits by the river.Perhaps, many years ago, there would have been a beauty leaning on the railing and overlooking you, day after day, looking at the Yangtze River, but after all the thousands of sails are not, only the vast River long water.Shogunyama’s loyalty is as strong as the foundation stone that holds up the whole mountain.The sky, pieces of floating clouds floating, the sun is sometimes shy to hide, sometimes smile to show his face.One and two children were playing on the beach.In this scene, is it easy to think of grandma’s Penghu Bay?When the water is dry in winter, the water level of the Yangtze river recedes tens of meters, leaving a soft sandy beach.It’s not just kids. I enjoy walking on the beach, too.In times of sorrow and in times of joy.Broad river surface, let a person suddenly enlightened;Slowly river wind, the most can heal the soul.It’s not March 3 yet, there are already many kites flying in the sky.Kite flying high, pulling the children’s eyes, activated a river spring water.How many dreams and thoughts dance with the flying kite?Children run, and laugh, and cry, and they are a world full of spring!I walked aimlessly.It’s a rare day like this, and you don’t need any purpose to enjoy it.