Fed rate hike imminent!Where will international gold go from here?

2022-04-20 0 By

Hello, everyone, today is February 11th, overnight international gold hit the high fall, once again staged a high diving scene, so in the short term how will the gold price behave?Interest rate hike is imminent!Where does gold go from here?Overnight in January CPI data, the results of numerical again set a high level of nearly 40 years since this may force the fed to tighten monetary policy sharply, so the market’s expectations of march to raise interest rates 50 basis points also increased dramatically, anyway to raise interest rates in March is now certain things, just see how much rate increase, so is bad for gold,Therefore, it is difficult for the gold price to rise in the following month. Moreover, after the ACTION of the US in March, it is not ruled out that other developed economies will also raise interest rates to fight inflation, so the gold price is not so optimistic in the short term!In the short term gold prices have room to fall!From the daily chart trends, gold is still subject to above resistance near 1835, failed to break through many times test, then gold prices in the short term will be blocked, below to focus on, the rising trend line position of support near 1800 integer pass, if below the support level effectively, will open a bigger room.