Hanzhong exposure of a number of driving not comity vehicles

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Stamp above vertical enjoy hanzhong concern us oh!News. Food. Entertainment.Facilitate people. Planning. Promotion.Activity tips:Fact contribute business cooperation Add WeChat wagj312 for hanzhong city center road traffic in order to increase operation, further strengthening comprehensive district road traffic order, create a good traffic environment, traffic police hanzhong city second brigade continuous renovation of various traffic chaos, and exposed a number of recent investigation not comity zebra crossing vehicles,Let’s see. Do you recognize any plates?Illegal behavior: Punishment measures for failing to stop when a pedestrian is passing a crosswalk:Three demerit points for driving license,A fine of 100 yuan February 16Tianhan Avenue Health School zebra Crossing Gan KZ8677 Jin A60N85 Shaanxi F1D917 Shaanxi F3M876 Shaanxi F8R289 Shaanxi F9E092 Shaanxi F19K81 Shaanxi F67E72 Shaanxi F3069A Shaanxi F3400F Shaanxi F7300J Shaanxi F83835 Shaanxi FC6513 Shaanxi FH9016 Shaanxi FY2193 Shaanxi U503722 16th Minmin Street middle Shaanxi FHT908 source Hanzhong Traffic police brigade, if there is infringement, please contact delete edit: Lansi