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“My life is very simple, simple to do only one thing, that is calligraphy!”Zhou Huijun was born for calligraphy.This thin and strange woman made a heavy mark in the history of Chinese calligraphy.Her art has influenced a whole generation of students. One netizen said: “I have written Mr. Zhou’s posts for more than 20 years!”In 1998, when she was in charge of the Shanghai calligraphy circle, questions never stopped: how could a sick and silent chairman of the Association shoulder the important task of revitalizing Shanghai calligraphy and hold up a piece of heaven in Shanghai calligraphy circle?, this seemingly frail woman who had her New Deal, she said: “I have to do is to let each shoka can scold, not only to” scold “fun,” scold “fun,” scold “up,” scold “constructive, ‘called’ wonderful, even ‘scold me to step down, so I don’t have a pity.”Zhou Huijun, who overcame the darkness of her life with calligraphy, was cheerful and easy-going, and had a wide range of interests. Her father zhou Zhixing was a Confucian businessman, which created a good cultural environment for her children.She devoted herself to reading, appreciating paintings, reading copybooks and appreciating music, and had a special liking for art.Entering the city three girls, she was diligent and studious. Her beautiful calligraphy was praised by the teacher, and her calligraphy was often described as a model by her classmates.But rheumatoid arthritis was beginning to show, and PE classes were being waived.The illness prevented her from participating in club activities. When her classmates went to the cinema or the bookstore together, she always showed up at the hospital to receive treatment.During this period, she read a lot of classical poetry and translated novels, especially The French writer Romain Rolland’s “Johann Christophe”, which gave her the answer she was looking for: what a passionate young man with ideals can spend the darkness of youth.Like Christophe, her life was a process of conquering herself in the midst of hope and despair.After graduating from high school, Huijun zhou applied for the department of Pharmacy at University of Science and Technology.In 1959, as a child of the bourgeoisie, Zhou Huijun was forced to drop out of school. “Her future was at a loss and she was plagued by illness”, so she returned to writing, paper and inkstone.Zhou Huijun went up to school as a young girl and studied zhao Meng. In her father’s eyes, the character zhao stood for orthodoxy in calligraphy, but it did not make her specialOne day, Zhou Huijun accidentally found shu Su Tie written by Mi Fu, a great calligrapher in the Song Dynasty, in a cabinet. It seemed that the strength of rushing out from within hit Zhou Huijun instantly. She seemed to find the induction point of rice character and her temperament.From the heart copy hand chase, immersed in them.After a year’s rest, Zhou Huijun took the college entrance examination again and successfully entered the physics major of East China Textile Institute of Technology (now Donghua University).Starting from scratch, she practiced rice writing in college for several years, almost taking up all her spare time.In the autumn of 1962, the Shanghai Chinese Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Research Association (the predecessor of the Shanghai Calligrapher’s Association) held a municipal calligraphy exhibition. Zhou Huijun’s Shu Sutie by Mi Fu was selected and published in Xinmin Evening News.After that, she entered the Calligraphy class of Shanghai Youth Palace, and was influenced by shen Yinmo, Bai Jiao, Gong Delin, 翁闿运 and other famous calligraphers in the Shanghai calligraphy camp. She had a further understanding of using the pen and improved her calligraphy skills.However, with the sudden outbreak of the “Cultural Revolution”, the study in the Youth Palace was forced to stop with the disbandment of the “Book Engraving Club”, and my father became the object of dictatorship.Zhou huijun’s chronic rheumatoid arthritis flared up again and she had to take a long sick leave to recuperate at home.At this time, calligraphy became her only spiritual sustention, “Tiaoxi poem volume” “Hongxian poem volume” “multi view floor post”, she hung the arms of the pain and the ancients across the time and space dialogue, as writing the movement of life, she wrote an undefeated passion.By the early 1970s, things had improved.Zhou huijun is one of a group of young writers invited by Shanghai Dongfanghong Calligraphy and Painting Association (Duoyunxuan) to participate in calligraphy activities.Since then, her works have been regularly displayed in the Windows of Duoyunxuan, and frequently appeared in city-level and district-level exhibitions.In 1972, the Japanese edition of the people’s China magazine published her work in a vigorous style.At that time, the Shanghai Calligraphy and seal cutting Research Association wanted to organize a group of calligraphy works to Japan for exchange, because the old group of calligraphers were still in the “movement”, so Zhou Huijun and other young people were appointed.In 1974, at the age of 35, Zhou Huijun became famous for writing “Lu Xun’s Selected Poems, Running books and Posts”. In just a few years, her name spread all over the country with the record sales of more than 10 editions and more than 1 million copies.In zhou Huijun’s artistic career, the youth palace and Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy to become a professional calligrapher are two important catalytic periods.In 1975, Zhou Huijun entered Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy and began his exploration of calligraphy in a real sense.True, grass, and nationalities, big word BangShu, happened in lower case, nothing is not involved, heavily LinXi fell, the northern wei dynasty BeiBan, slips of silk, back jin, tang and Ming and qing dynasties, and in all previous dynasties fell and languages, the accumulation of internal work, with their own different from others’ strong wind and unique personality spirit, forms the “1 tablet form”, and with pale thick queer, risks off the style of the ups and downs,Calligraphy has achieved a historic turning point and breakthrough in visual impact.She has published dozens of copybooks, each one of which is reprinted and loved by calligraphy lovers.Over the years, Zhou Huijun’s calligraphy style has nurtured a batch of calligraphy lovers.Looking back at the history with a pure heart, there were lu Ji, Zhang Han and Dong Qichang in ancient times, Shen Zengzhi, Wu Changshuo and Kang Youwei in modern times, and Yu Youren, Shen Yinmo and Bai Jiao in modern times. A large number of famous calligraphers in Shanghai achieved the independent character of Shanghai school of calligraphy, which played an important role in Chinese calligraphers.In 1998, the Shanghai Book Association held the election, Zhou Huijun led the Shanghai book circle, faced with all kinds of doubts and rumors, she said: “As long as it is conducive to the development of Shanghai book circle, I will adhere to!”Under the leadership of Zhou Huijun and Wo Xinghua, the secretary general of Shanghai Shuxie, Shanghai Shuxie has made great achievements in practical creation, exhibition, seminar, publicity meeting, book publishing and so on, attracting the attention of the calligrapher circle in China.In 2003, Zhou Huijun was reappointed chairman of shuxie and Dai Xiaojing was appointed secretary general.They completed a lot of pioneering work, published “Shanghai Representative Calligrapher series of works”, in January 2007 in the National Art Museum of China held “Shanghai Calligraphy Exhibition in Beijing”, for the promotion of Shanghai calligraphy is of great significance.In December 2008, Zhou Huijun participated in the International Seminar of Shanghai School of Calligraphy, and edited and published the research anthology, and published the preface of “The Sea embraces all rivers and is big — Written on the occasion of the International Seminar of Shanghai School of Calligraphy”. This activity further promoted the development of Shanghai school of calligraphy art, which has epochal historical significance.During the 12 years when Zhou Huijun was the chairman of Shanghai Shuxie, Shanghai Shuxie “went out” and “invited in”, accepted many fellow calligraphers from other provinces and cities with the mind of embracing all rivers, attracted foreign young calligraphers to work in Shanghai and enriched the calligraphy talent team.It has always attached importance to the development and cultivation of calligraphy among young and middle-aged people, and has held various calligraphy exhibitions such as “Shanghai Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Exhibition” and “Shanghai Calligraphy new Works Exhibition”.In 2005, the Calligraphy examination of Shanghai Calligraphy Association began, and the training mechanism of young reserve force was laid out.Zhou huijun always has a rational attitude towards her illness. “My body has not been in a good mood,” she said.She had her right hip replaced in 1987 and her right knee again in 2003.He had all hip and knee replacements in 2004.She said that she took a lot of “not her own” things, even joints are not original, others gave her a lot, the society gave her a lot, life through the half, should think more about how to return.Zhou Huijun has always been enthusiastic about the development of calligraphy art in Shanghai. In 2018, she personally invested 25 million yuan to establish “Shanghai Zhou Huijun Calligraphy Art Foundation”, which is mainly used to reward outstanding calligraphers who have won prizes in various calligraphy activities in China and Shanghai.Her death is a great loss to The Shanghai Calligrapher association and even to the Chinese calligrapher circle.Her assiduous pursuit of calligraphy has always inspired our calligraphy workers.She may be gone, but her spirit and her work will live on in our hearts forever.Reduced word Mulan jing heard Zhou Huijun sister death fu Lin peng boat blowing, grief Yang guan can not stay.Star meteoric flower burn, nine wild books crying hui jun.Travails to do research, clear bone edge edge called elegant show.Heart Tai qu really, hand left fenqi posterity.Note: “Peng Zhou blowing” with Song Li Qingzhao “Yu Jia ao” gallantly asked me where…The boat blows away three mountains.In Xunzi, there is a saying that “those who do good find it difficult”.And “Song History” has “fengshen Elegant show, tian rongli”, tian is indifferent to also.On December 27, 2021, On January 16, 2022, The third edition of China Culture Daily published a special report titled “The only thing I have done in my life is calligraphy — Zhou Huijun, a strange woman in maritime book circle”