Liu Yifei mother, give up career and marriage, now Liu Yifei has become the biggest heart disease

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Now the entertainment industry has a lot of new rise, no matter how many beauty in the entertainment industry, no matter how beautiful they are, as long as the “fairy sister” we first think of Liu Yifei, although Liu Yifei has always said “she is the ugliest in the home”, but we still call her fairy sister.Liu Yifei’s mother Liu Xiaoli is also very good-looking, her life around Liu Yifei, she gave up marriage to give up the cause, only to protect Liu Yifei, and Liu Yifei has now become her heart.Xiao-li liu family genes is very good, brothers and sisters appearance level are also very outstanding, xiao-li liu’s younger sister also became a movie star, xiao-li liu also like literature and art and dance, when he was 11 study into the song and dance theatre, talented she soon learned to action and main point, also a natural on the song and dance theatre.Xiao-li liu is very popular at that time, but also opened his solo dance party, not only grow good-looking, dance to look better, though plain sailing career in business, but not emotionally, xiao-li liu’s first husband was a French professor, two parties identified the relationship soon, soon married.Two people love, gave birth to a daughter is l, two people very spoiled, to the arrival of the new members gave birth to the baby’s xiao-li liu will continue to return to enterprise, l like mother love art, so xiao-li liu they will learn to teach daughter, be bored with together every day two people practice, xiao-li liu also hope l can be her successor.L don’t live up to the expectations of xiao-li liu, each step in accordance with xiao-li liu pave the road to her, but can not all be smooth sailing in life, problems emerged, xiao-li liu mother-in-law doesn’t like xiao-li liu publicity in the outside, so for this two people often make antinomy, don’t have my husband can’t solve it,Gradually quarrel and friction affected the marriage of Liu Xiaoli and her husband, unbearable Liu Xiaoli put forward divorce.After the divorce, Liu Xiaoli used all means to keep Liu Yifei in her side. At that time, Liu Xiaoli was already 40 years old, and her career could not develop further, so she took Liu Yifei to New York and became a New York citizen.In New York, Liu Met her second husband and they quickly established a relationship. After that, Liu focused on training Liu Yifei. Later, when Liu saw Marilyn Monroe on TV, she wanted to become an actress, but Liu Did not agree.It is Liu Yifei’s father Chen Jinfei persuaded Liu Xiaoli later, Chen Jinfei and Liu Xiaoli are old family, in 5 years old that year Chen Jinfei recognized Liu Yifei as stem daughter.With the help of her godfather, Liu yifei graduated from Nortel and successfully performed in TV dramas, as well as more and more works.Became now Liu Yifei, Liu Xiaoli has been accompanied by Liu Yifei, now she is most worried about liu Yifei’s emotional problems, she hopes Liu Yifei can find a good match, this thing has become her heart disease.I hope Liu Yifei can let her mother rest assured as soon as possible and find a good match.