Longwan Town actively cultivates family farms to help rural revitalization

2022-04-20 0 By

Longwan Town, Shunyi District, has actively cultivated family farms to help revitalize rural areas.1. Strengthen pilot cultivation.Qilianzhuang and Xinzhuang village in Shanli, which have advantages in fruit cultivation, were selected as the trials to guide farmers to carry out moderate scale operation, cultivating 10 family farms in total, covering an area of 272 mu of apple, pear and cherry cultivation, and driving 27 family workers.2. 2. Smart water bottleOrganize township business backbone to visit households on the spot, publicize and explain relevant support policies from the aspects of recommendation and identification, project support, selection and reward, credit support and socialized services, and conduct grade assessment every year to effectively enhance the ability of family farms to resist risks.3. Strengthen financial support.In terms of the arrangement and distribution of financial funds for agricultural support, a special fund subsidy of 20,000 yuan per household has been provided to family farms to purchase three types of products, including packing boxes (boxes), fruit bags and production tools, by means of awards instead of subsidies, effectively supporting family farms to stabilize the scale of operation and improve production conditions.In 2021, Longwan Tun Town was identified as shunyi District model family farm town, and 10 family farms including Yan Huijuan were identified as municipal model family farm.