MAO Xiaotong and Guan Xiaotong clash shirt, two people contrast is too obvious, net friend: Guan Xiaotong won this time

2022-04-20 0 By

Recently, MAO Xiaotong appeared in the third Spring Festival Gala row scene, the day of her a collision color cotton dress with boots appeared, two sky-high ponytail modeling sweet but people, although wearing masks, but still very smart, the state looks good.Some netizens dig out that the price of this new cotton dress is as high as 32,000, or the new autumn and winter style, but MAO Xiaotong’s figure is not high, with her black boots, completely can not see her legs, wearing a 1.5 meter sense of both, it is a large rollover scene.Some netizens joked, “Is this clothes nice?I do not understand fashion, and some people think that MAO Xiaotong should not wear long boots, it is not matched.Coincidentally, Guan Xiaotong also wore the cotton-padded dress on the same day, which was naturally compared by netizens. Guan Xiaotong 172 is very tall. Wearing this cotton-padded dress, her long legs are fully displayed, and her legs are white and thin, which can fully support the dress.To MAO Xiaotong here, although very sweet, but exposed the real height, MAO Xiaotong official height 163, netizens ridicule, MAO Xiaotong completely become a dwarf.Put two people together, the same dress and a pair of boots, two people contrast is very obvious, should the sentence no contrast, no harm.Previously, When MAO Xiaotong boarded trump card against Trump Card, the two were compared, MAO Xiaotong was 33 years old, Guan Xiaotong was 24 years old, if the height is not mentioned, MAO Xiaotong’s state is second kill Guan Xiaotong.At that time, both of them were wearing long red dresses. Guan xiaotong’s shoulders were very wide, and she was so fat that her waist had been strangled.MAO xiaotong, on the other hand, is slim, sweet and dynamic. Her face is half smaller than Guan’s, and her face does not show age. Although she is nine years older than Guan, there is no difference at all.Guan xiaotong’s biggest advantage is her long legs, but her disadvantage is that her shoulders are too wide to support the clothes, or to exercise.The pair also wore pink trench coats at the airport, with different buttons on the front, but the overall look was similar.MAO Xiaotong wore a sweet feeling, Guan Xiaotong is very mature, obviously Guan Xiaotong such face and others contrast or very suffer losses.In fact, Guan’s clothes have long been criticized. When she attended a red carpet event last year, some netizens joked that she had offended a stylist by exposing her belly and asking her to wear them.When filming with Zhang Yishan, Guan Xiaotong’s walking posture was also called by netizens as a man walking around. Finally, Guan Xiaotong had no choice but to respond, she walked like this, and had no way but to laugh at herself.Who do you think won the match between Guan xiaotong and MAO Xiaotong?Comment in the comments.