Mengzi police station in the “different” Taste of New Year

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When the Spring Festival means joy and reunited in gathering A group of people is “buck the trend line” others busy holiday They feast busy stick to their jobs Give up with family reunion with actions in the responsibility and mission Let us into the mission hills police station today On New Year’s eve Eve, when everyone is immersed in with family reunions and festive,Guanlan Police Station of Mengzi Public Security Bureau is still busy.On New Year’s Eve, there were more than 20 policemen on duty in the institute.In their eyes, New Year’s Eve is just like any other day of the year, with alert alert at all times and even busier than usual to ensure the local people enjoy the festival safely and peacefully.For them, having a New Year’s Eve dinner with their on-duty colleagues in the canteen has been a common way of reunions for years.”On New Year’s Eve, we have a heavy task, so we need to prepare enough police forces to stick to our jobs.This year, in order to let everyone in the institute can also feel the thick flavor of the New Year, so that the comrades who stick to their posts can feel the warmth of home, we decided to make a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner by ourselves.”Mission Hills police station director Tian Jianglin told reporters that after the schedule table came out, we began to set the menu, in order to let this meal New Year’s Eve dinner walk more walk “heart”, everyone showed their own good dishes, a total of more than 20 dishes.In the restaurant, the police stick to the front line in their spare time, prepare the big meal by themselves, pick, prepare, cook, serve, we work together, and soon the hot food is placed on the table.Among the public, a “chef” particularly conspicuous, his waist is tied around the waist, like a gyro in the restaurant as busy, from time to time to wipe a head of sweat, black red face is full of expectations for the New Year.”I have been a police officer for seven years, and this is the fifth Spring Festival I have spent in the institute. In the past, the municipal bureau gave us the New Year’s Eve dinner. This year, the institute decided to do it by itself, which made me feel like going home for the New Year.Yang jie said his home in Gejiu Datun is not far away, but because of work needs, he rarely goes home for the Spring Festival.Although we can’t go home to reunite with our families, we can still feel the strong flavor of the New Year together.After the New Year’s Eve dinner in a hurry, the police will return to their respective jobs, continue to guard the peace of the masses.”For us, as long as the area is safe and the society is harmonious and stable, it is Chinese New Year anywhere.”Tian jianglin said.Source: Yunnan Honghe