Municipal medical insurance center: “0” form business “1” return receipt service is excellent

2022-04-20 0 By

Starting from February 7, the service hall of the municipal Medical insurance Center (No. 72, Wangling Road) began to pilot the new insurance business procedures.Simplify the required materials, optimize the service process, cancel all business forms, greatly shorten the business handling time, truly realize “0” forms for business, “1” return receipt service.Hu Dongmei of section chief of division of integrated business of center of city protect oneself introduces, after insurance of worker medical treatment and birth insurance join protect business to transfer to protect oneself formally last October center, business quantity of whole service hall is bigger, the kind of business that deal with is more also.So how to let the insured personnel and insured units in the handling time can be shortened, and truly experience the quality of the service?Adhering to the service concept of zero-form business acceptance, the municipal Medical Insurance Center has made a big adjustment to the whole process.The insurance business of the company will be handled in the “0” form just like the application for the treatment business. All you need to do is to provide the electronic form of “Increase, Decrease and Change roster of Insurance Personnel of the Company” and relevant materials.The window staff will provide “Business acceptance receipt” after handling the business, and the special administrator only needs to confirm and sign.The full-time Labor Contract will not be submitted for on-site business handling, but only the Letter of Commitment for Unit Insurance participation and other required materials will be signed.3. Email Feedback Handling Result The insurance business handling result of the unit shall be fed back to the email box provided by the special administrator in normal use within 1 working day.The above information can be downloaded from the official website of Xuzhou Medical Security Bureau, the wechat public number of Xuzhou Medical Security bureau, the K disk of the unit and QQ group files.At present, a network office area has been set up in the service hall of the Municipal Medical Insurance Center, and the staff provides real-time business handling help after process optimization on site.Hu Dongmei introduced that in order to facilitate the insured units to handle the business submission related information, the staff of the municipal medical insurance center also designed their own programming spreadsheet, using the way of drop-down box selection, will be involved in the insurance business 24 business into all.In the next step, the municipal Medical Insurance Center will promote the optimized handling process to all district and county offices and service outlets in the 15-minute service circle.Xu Shi Rong media reporter: Ma Xiaodong editor: Xu Hao Qi Beining